Of Perks and Sweets

Perky and Sweetie have been rehomed!!  Together!

Yesterday, a lady by the name of Meiling called us and said she had been following Perky’s news ever since she was rescued in December, and now, she would like to adopt Perky. 

Oh wow!  That was fantastic news.

However, she was worried Perky might be noisy, or lonely, so I said Sweetie is very calm and quiet, perhaps she would like to adopt Sweetie instead, or better still (I was trying my luck), why not take them both so that they have company and would not be lonely?

Meiling said ok.

Pinch me, somebody!!

Meiling said she would try them out for a week and see how things go.  If it doesn’t work out, she could always return the “sisters” to us.

So, today, I picked up Sweetie from PAWS (after they gave her a good shower!), and brought her in my car to meet up with Ainey who had brought Perky to work with her (yes, believe it or not, Ainey’s workplace ALLOWS pets).

We met up at 12.30pm.

The “sisters” meeting up after being separated for a week.
Perky and Sweetie have been through so much together.  They were rescued together from the Klang Dog Pound.  Spayed together in LLLP, Bentong.  The next day, both were not well, so they were brought back to PAWS, and I went daily to feed them antibiotics, Vetri DMG (an immune booster) and chicken & garlic.  Then, both were transferred to Healing Rooms for observation.  Both were vaccinated on the same day.  Both were discharged on the same day too.  Perky went home with Ainey (for fostering) while Sweetie went back to PAWS.
Today, they meet again, both in the same car, going to the same adopter (hopefully!).
In Meiling’s house.
Perky was very interested in Meiling’s rabbits.
I want to play with rabbits, please!  Can I?
The two sisters, both excited in their new house.
Now, both want to see the rabbits!
This is the sisters’ room.  Sweetie settles down.
The sisters kept nudging us.  I guess they are just so happy to finally have a place they can call home.  And so happy to be able to run free, after being in the shelter and the clinic for a month.
Ainey and Perky.
You be good here, Sweetie.  This is your home now.
Meiling prepared their food bowls, toys, food, etc.  We told Meiling toilet-training would have to take some time.  And the sisters have to get used to their new home too.  
We left Meiling with the happy sisters. We are keeping our fingers crossed that everything will work out fine. 
We’d like to thank Meiling for giving Perks and Sweets a safe and loving home. 






2 responses to “Of Perks and Sweets”

  1. Anonymous

    So happy to read the news that Sweetie and Perky have been adopted.

    They will forever be thankful to you, Dr Chan, for saving their lives.

    May they have a good life at their new home.

  2. PingSu

    I was absolutely delighted to read that Perky and Sweetie have found a home – brought a lump to my throat. Especially after having met Sweetie in Paws on Tues, that girl makes a deep impression in her own quiet way. What can I say except that you and Ainey are miracle workers. Good news like this is manna from heaven.

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