Alan’s four cats spayed-neutered

The last four cats brought in by Alan Cheah was spayed-neutered today – 3 girls and 1 boy.  What is wonderful about Alan is that throughout the three days, he waited while the cats were undergoing surgery. 

The one-and-only boy.
One girl already done today.
One more girl being done.
The Calico-girl and the black-boy waiting for their turns.
By afternoon, all four had been done, and had already awakened from the anaesthetic.  Alan text to say he would be taking them home.
Ten cats spayed-neutered in three days.  Statistics would say that we have prevented 600,000 unwanted births and deaths (over a period of about 6 years). 
That’s quite a figure, isn’t it? 
For every single stray animal spayed-neutered, you would have prevented 60,000 unwanted births over 6 years. 
Join us in helping the stray animals, and preventing their over-population and unnecessary deaths and suffering.
Viva la CNRM!
Thanks for doing your part, Alan! 






2 responses to “Alan’s four cats spayed-neutered”

  1. Alan

    Again, I would like to say many thanks to Ms. Chan and donors who have contributed to the MyAnimalCare's Donation Funds.

    我要再次的对陈女士与每位在 MyAnimalCare 曾捐献的人士说声感谢。

    I am very tired now, as after the spaying-neutering surgery for cats, I still have to spend time carefully monitoring the condition of those cats. Last 2 days, I went to bed around 1 a.m.. I got to be together with those cats, paying close attention, so that I could make sure that they could stay calm after they "woke up", and I got to make sure that they could eat a bit since they fasted for 8 hours before the surgery.


    Here, I just want to emphasize two things again:

    1) As Ms. Chan has mentioned, we really got to try our best in helping those stray animals, so that the over population and uncessary death and suffering can be reduced.


    2) We should try our best in contributing to this MyAnimalCare Donation Funds. Let the fund constantly grow, so that more stray animals could get help.

    我们要尽力的对这个 MyAnimalCare 的捐助资金有所贡献。让这个捐助资金可以常常的保持增长,好让更多的流浪动物有所受惠。

    Please share this website with your friends and family members. Cultivate the love towards animals, especially the poor one on the street. Having just one finger to push thing, the energy is limited. However, once we bend our five fingers together, becoming a fist shape, the power can be hundred times increased!


    So, we need more people to take care of stray animals out there. More people means more strengths.


    Thanks Ms. Chan, her family members, donors, and all animal lovers.


    Alan Cheah.

  2. Alan


    All those 10 cats are slowly recovering from the after-surgery-pain.

    My sister has just reached my place to visit me, and I have shown her this website.

    I have asked her to help contribute to the donation fund from time to time. She will also share this with her friends.

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