Two female dogs and two male cats spayed-neutered

It has certainly been a very busy week for us.  Today, we had two female dogs and two male cats sent in for spay-neuter under our sponsorship. 

Teresa and Kumari are both feeders in the Old Klang Road area, and they managed to catch these four animals today. 

One dog undergoing the operation this afternoon.  There was excessive bleeding so the operation took about half an hour.  But the dog is okay. 

The other one waiting for her turn and making a lot of noise. 
Poor things.  The vet said both were quite fearful.  We do feel their pain and fear, but we have to just remind ourselves that they have to endure this discomfort and fear for a few hours.  It’s for a greater good. 
Kumari feeds these two dogs in her neighbourhood, and they have probably never been to a clinic before.  Hence, the fear. 

This is Ross, the male cat. 

And this is Ninja, also male.  Both are quite fierce. 
Teresa feeds both of them. 

Kumari and Teresa taking back the cats just now, and heading off to the next clinic to take the dogs home.
So as not to tax on our vets since they have a business to run, we can only do 3 cats per day or 2 dogs per day at any one clinic.  We hope rescuers who request for our help will abide by this arrangement.  Also, please give me at least 2 days to make an appointment.
We are doing things on a small scale here because that’s all we can do.  Sometimes we have big-time rescuers calling up insisting on bringing 6 dogs at one go, and insisting that we pay for boarding as well.  I’m very sorry we cannot do this as we don’t have the capacity to handle so many cases per day.  As I have explained, we cannot tax on our panel vets so much since they have their own business to run. 
Big-time rescuers can perhaps go to big-time groups who can handle big-time operations!
We are small-timers, aimed at helping small-time rescuers. 
But small can still be beautiful…!






2 responses to “Two female dogs and two male cats spayed-neutered”

  1. ManekiNeko

    Well, let's look at the bright side: the fact that some people are asking to bring 6 or more animals in for spay/neutering at one time is better than no one at all asking, right? 🙂 Of course the vets can only do so much, but it's gratifying to hear that people are increasingly keen on spaying and neutering. Bravo to you for your continuing efforts!

  2. Anonymous

    Do suggest that they try Klinik Kembiri, Setapak on weekends where there are a group of volunteer vets to take on the big numbers. And they are very dedicated and committed, often staying on late into the afternoons to finish off all the cases.

    Ask them to call Mr. Krishnan to make an appointment. I can understand why they want to bring in a big number – to save time, effort and petrol, and at the same time helping huge number of animals with all the savings (time, energy and $$).

    Bravo to these big-time rescuers! Many people only lament they do not have the time, blah-blah-blah … but it really takes a lot of self-sacrifice.

    Happy new year, everyone, especially Dr. Chan and AnimalCare!

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