More angpows and a visit to Meiji’s sanctuary

We would like to thank Mdm Lau Yoke Ying and the Wai Family for their very generous donations towards our fund. 

The Wai family has just lost their beloved dog, Rusky (he passed away of old age, at the ripe old age of 12), and this donation is given in loving memory of Rusky.  May Rusky be in a happy existence now, and may all the love he has received from the Wai family continue to stay with him, and become “seeds of awakening” in him so that Rusky can do good to benefit other beings. 

The Wai Family has also very generously donated to Meiji, and Meiji expresses her heartfelt appreciation. 

Recently, if you remember, a friend of mine, Mr PC Leong had also donated to Meiji, and yesterday, PC and his 15 month-old grandson, Ryan, made a trip to Bukit Tinggi…and ended up visiting Meiji and the dogs! 

Here’s PC’s account:

Just back after a day trip to visit Meiji. My little prince, Ryan, had a ball there. We had breakfast in Bukit Tinggi and I decided to try my luck calling Meiji to see if she is free. It was my 1st trip to Bentong and it was nice. Had a durian along the way before we met up with Meiji. She was kind enough to cook lunch for us as well. A couple together with 2 nuns came later to visit the place too. I believe the 2 nuns will stay a few nights. We came back down with the couple.

Yes, you were right. The dogs are well looked after. They seem happy and some even went for a swim in the small pond up the hill when we walked around with them to look at the durians. Too bad the durians aren’t ready or I will have a ball. Probably in 2 months time I guess. Might just make a return trip then ..haha.







2 responses to “More angpows and a visit to Meiji’s sanctuary”

  1. Tracy

    HI, where is her sanctuary? I would like to go there for a visit. Thanks!

    1. chankahyein

      It is up on a hill in Raub and only accessible by 4-wheelers with special tyres. We don’t visit unless absolutely necessary because Meiji has a full day every day from dawn till dusk, looking after all her 135 dogs. Even when we deliver dogfood nowadays, it is only up to the foothills because we do not want to trouble her. If we visit, she is obliged to entertain us, and that causes her unnecessary trouble and delays a whole day’s work for her.

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