A heart-warming story – Amy, the cat rescuer

My friend, Mary Yap, has been dropping in regularly these few weeks ever since our latest tshirts arrived.  Mary is, by far, our No.1 tshirt-seller!  She really goes all out to help us sell to friends and relatives, and I cannot thank her enough.  First of all, Mary was also the one who got me Erin’s (our designer) contact.  So, no Mary, no tshirts.  That says it all.

Anyway, Mary was telling me about one of her neighbours by the name of Amy.  Amy is a very kind-hearted person.  She lives in an apartment but has been fostering dogs and cats.  Currently, Amy is trying to capture a few of the cats she is feeding so that they can be brought to our panel vet for spay-neuter.

Mary and Amy feed the stray cats around their apartment building.  Sometimes, when the apartment authorities want to capture the cats, Mary would speak to them politely to spare the cats and they would (saying things gently helps, see?  there’s no need to get angry and be unpleasant).  

Amy even feeds other colonies as well, including those at her sister’s housing area.  She does this every day.  

But it is this story that really touched my heart:

Amy rescued an elderly stray female cat recently.  Upon bringing to the vet, it was found that the cat was jaundiced (very severe) and could not be saved anymore.  She was already dying.  

Amy brought the cat home and nursed her until the cat passed away.  Mary gave Amy a chanting box so that the cat could listen to some soothing chanting in her last days.  

The cat passed away a few days ago, in the loving arms of Amy.

It may be a very simple story, folks, but it speaks volumes about the depth of human kindness.  It may be just one cat, but this cat had been so fortunate to have crossed paths with Amy.  

So I always tell the folks at my public talks; you may save only one animal all your life.  But please don’t think it doesn’t make a difference.  It does.  

Maybe we think we cannot change the world by saving just one animal, but we can certainly change the whole world for that one animal that we save.  

So, it doesn’t have to be about braving nuclear plants or doing bigtime rescue work which many of us don’t have the resources to do, it is about doing simple things….simple, but from a big heart and with lots of love.  

May the cat be in a better existence now.

May Amy be blessed with all good things in life.  






5 responses to “A heart-warming story – Amy, the cat rescuer”

  1. Anonymous

    It might help if you can keep on gently, nicely and patiently talk to your cat hating neighbour (the one who shouts obscenities and terrifies the cats in your back lane) just the way Amy does so that he will be touched and sympathise and stop hating cats. Who knows, he might even start feeding them and adopt a few strays himself? Keep being nice to him until he changes.

  2. can i ask one question?where is your panel vet?

  3. Hi Aisyah, we have panel vets in Subang Jaya and Klang, and we also do cases in Puchong, Sri Petaling and Melawati (but limited, because I have no volunteers there). Please write to me at chankahyein@gmail.com for more details. Thanks!

  4. Hi Anon, thanks very much for the suggestion. Unfortunately, they are no longer approachable because my previous dog, Mac's barking had angered them so much they reported me twice!

  5. Devi Narayanan

    Dogs are meant to bark while cats are meant to meow. Simple logic yet some people simply dont understand it

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