In loving memory of Fufu, beloved pet

Fufu was rescued by Lai Yong and her children barely a few months ago.  They wrote to me and asked for advice in caring for a kitten.  Lai Yong and her children, Hong Ye and Jill, finally decided to adopt Fufu.  Fufu was vaccinated and also spayed under our sponsorship and all was well until….last week when a most unfortunate accident occurred. 

I have been in sms contact with Lai Yong to enquire how she and her children are coping. 

Here’s an email from Lai Yong below.  She has requested that I post it to share with all of you.  We wish to express our deepest condolence to Lai Yong, Hong Ye and Jill, for the loss of their beloved Fufu.  I too shed tears when I received the sms that Fufu was gone.  It reminded me of Pans, Kimba and little Suki.  If only drivers would be a bit more considerate when driving in any housing estate.  This is why I cannot adopt anymore kittens, living in an immediate linked house.  Cats, by nature, like to roam, and not everyone of us have the space to build a cat house in our compound. 

Here’s the sharing from Lai Yong:

We lost Fufu on Monday night. It was a hit and run case. Our kind neighbor found her on the road. We buried her that night.

We still have the habit of looking for her even though we know that we have to move on as she is reborn to a better life now. It will take time to heal.

Fufu is such an adorable, tender, gentle, playful little kitten(she is about 8 months old). She likes to play with strings, coconut husk, pingpong & tennis balls, chicken feather(we have 3 cocks) and toy car. She can stand on her hind legs while holding up the lighter toys. Quite an amazing sight. She climbs our hibiscus tree and sits there on a look-out. She also sits on our car roof. At times, she acts like a security guard to the chickens when she lays in front of their cages. She is clever enough to stick her white paws through the grill door and drag the door mat out to play. I still look out for those paws now.

She has a pair of beautiful and full of expression eyes. Her coat of fur is snow white. A beauty I must say. She is a brave one. She hisses at cats that are bigger in size. But when she is hungry or lonely, she can be such a baby. She makes the most pitiful meow that can melt any heart. She does not like her ears cleaned or bathed but can be persuaded to do so. When she is scolded for being naughty, she will walk away and ignore us.

She is a stray but she behaves likes a lady. Even her vet says she is too gentle for a stray.

Now that she is gone, we miss her so much.

We love and miss you Fufu.

With metta from the Chew family.

I shall be writing to our community association vice president to alert the residents, via our newsletter, to drive slower. Strays tend to wonder around. It is their nature. We can’t cage them always. They have a right to live and be free like the rest of us.

Hong Ye is still asking for Fufu. He wants her back. I tell him that she is reborn and now the pug needs us more. Jill thinks of Fufu too. She says that even we do not show our grief, it does not mean we don’t miss Fufu. I am truly amazed, while she was crying when I told her that Fufu is dead, she consoled her brother by saying it is ok, it was an accident. She is such a compassionate person, truly.

It may sound silly, by the sequence of events, I felt Fufu made way for us to adopt the pug. She knew the female pug needs a family to take care of her since the owner is going for chemo treatment and soon shall no longer take care of her. I hope the kids and pug will be able to click. We are waiting for the owner to call us.

Thank you for your valued time in reading this mail.

Lai Yong

If you share Lai Yong and her children’s grief as I now do, please write a comment to this posting.  Let’s rally together and give them support in their hour of loss.  I know it takes time to heal.  But it really helps if we support each other and offer our shoulder. 

No animal-lover should ever have to grieve in loneliness. 

Please write a comment to show that we care. 

Yes, I’m crying too. 


Dear Sis Lai Yong,

So sorry for the delay. Was at Petfinder’s event all day. Would you like to bring Hong Ye and Jill to it as a diversion?  There are some nice dogs to pat. It’s still on today. Sunway Pyramid, LG2, beside Harvey Norman’s.

I have been thinking about all of you and wondering how you have been coping. I feel very sad too, but we will have allow ourselves to grieve for some time until we can fully accept the loss and be at peace with it. Every animal that has gone through us is almost like our own. Every loss is felt as our own too.

The children and you need time to heal. But adopting the pug is a wonderful idea. And yes, you are right. Fufu came into your lives to pave the way for you and your children to adopt this pug. Everything happens for a reason and we need to trust Nature on this.

Time heals, sister. Be strong and remember that Fufu is in a much better place now where she no longer suffers the disadvantages of living as a cat in our concrete world.

Also remember that your children and you have given Fufu so much love even though the time interval had been short. It’s not the length of time that matters as time is relative, it’s the encounter, and any encounter, no matter how short, that is filled with love and care, is a precious one.

Take comfort in knowing this and knowing that you have done your very best for Fufu.

Do write again.

With metta,






2 responses to “In loving memory of Fufu, beloved pet”

  1. Anonymous

    Dear Lai Yong, Hong Ye and Jill,

    I am deeply sorry to hear about FuFu and I know how sad you and your children are at this moment.

    Memories of your sweet and loving Fufu will always be in your heart, you will never forget Fufu.

    Please remember that you and your family have given Fufu the most wonderful and happy life, though it was short. Your family rescued her and gave her a loving home. Not many strays have that opportunity.

    Wherever you are now, Fufu, may you be well and happy.

  2. Devi Narayanan

    Dear Lai Yong & children,

    I am extremely sad for the loss of Fufu too. I understand no word can be comforting enough but we need to accept the fact.

    There are lots of reckless drivers who uses even "lorong" as race course and shock us to death.

    I have seen many cats and kitten run down by cars as fast as lightning and vanish into thin air. By the time I reach out for them from my 2nd floor, they are dead.

    If the drivers slow down, they could save pitiful death on the street. Its a matter of using their brilliant brains.

    We should really do something about this

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