Great news for Dina and the kittens at DBKL!!

Dina Shahab wrote to me two days ago, requesting help to publicise the adoption of several kittens she is trying to save from DBKL’s death row.


I connected Dina with Ida, who had coincidentally written to me a few days prior to that, asking if we had kittens for her sister in Pahang who loved cats but only wanted to adopt those rescued from the street (is she an angel or what?!!). 

The connection was made, and correspondence ensued, and….

Dina writes, this morning:

Hi Dr Chan,

I have good news! It looks like there’s still hope for the kittens.. Ida’s friends has decided to take in 2 of the kittens and I will take them to ida next week as she’ll be travelling to Kedah this weekend. And Kak Nurul of petfinder (she goes by the name of felix the cat – she’s the lady willing to foster 1 kitten I told you abt) has help me posted the news in petfinder. A girl named nitha frm pf introduced me to Jamie who’s looking to adopt a kitten so Jamie will meet me today in the Klinik Kembiri setapak to take 1 of the kittens. Kak Nurul being the angel that she is found another adopter who wants to adopt 3 cats! And since I reserved only 4 kittens, I will take another 2 adult cats with me to pass them to Kak Nurul who will help me give to the adopter..

I Thank You and Kak Nurul for making this possible.. I wouldn’t know where to begin had I not known abt your web and the petfinder.. I’m very new with this and just recently I accidently found your web (AND found myself reading them every time i get the chance to)..

I will take a photo of Jamie later and update you more..

Thank you again
Thank YOU, Dina!
Sometimes, sitting behind this computer can do wonders…never underestimate the power of networking for the animals.  If you would like to help the animals but are not game (yet!) to do hands-on rescue or fostering, but you don’t mind networking, then by all means, network!  Use technology to our advantage (and the animals’)….you can make a world of difference.
Imagine, if these kittens get adopted through your networking, you have already played an important part in saving them from being euthanised.  You have saved LIVES.  Precious lives!, for example, is a wonderful testimony of how networking can bring so much benefit in the area of rehoming animals (they have rehomed more than 6000 animals in just 3 years!).  It is not “just” a portal for pet adoption, it is a portal developed and manned with so much love, on a daily basis.  That’s where the effort really lies. 
So, let’s do whatever we can, within our means (even if it means just clicking a few buttons and forwarding an email or a link).  Alone we can do so little, together, we can do so much more.
Let’s work together for the animals and give them a better life!

From death-row….to a new loving home!!
What a wonderful world!







One response to “Great news for Dina and the kittens at DBKL!!”

  1. Devi Narayanan

    I was unable to browse myanimalcare last night as my mom was hospitalized again the 3rd time for blood clot in her leg where the knee replacement was done. I came back from UH at 11.30pm and was too tired to go online.

    This morning, I started my day with this VERY GOOD NEWS. Oh my GOD, I really burst into tears in reading the kitties in DBKL got adopted.

    I would really like to salute those adopters and if chanced to meet them, I would hug them and cry my heart out for saving the kitties from being killed for NO REASON at all.


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