The return of the first batch of the Market CNRM cats

I went to check on the other seven cats at our other clinic this evening. 

The five females and one male have been spayed-neutered.  The one I’m touching here is the male – the only thorn among the roses in this batch.  He’s so friendly and has totally recovered from the anaethesia.  One of these females also have already been previously-spayed.  The vet drew a picture to show me how her ear had been tipped ever so slightly.  It wasn’t obvious whether it was a delibrate tip, a deformity or an old injury.  Because of that, she was opened up twice. 
This is the other previously-spayed females.  Got opened up for nothing as well.  Sigh.  If only whoever had spayed her had notched her ear, she wouldn’t have been opened up again now.  Poor thing.
This is the one with flu.  She’s female and is now undergoing treatment.  She will only be spayed upon recovery, and also, if she is fit enough.  Nazlina says a Malay man feeds her, and she answers to the name “Comel”. 
 The last to be spayed.  Note the bandage on the notched ear. 
She’s still a bit disoriented.

This is not one of ours, it’s someone’s pet who is boarded with a broken leg.  Rani got the owner’s permission to let us nurse three newborns.

 The three have settled down now. 
I settled the bill for the spay-neuter of the six cats (as well as Lilac’s final bill – story later).  These six cats (excluding Louie the Fluey) will be returned to the market tomorrow.
Then, I went off to the other clinic.  Ah Fatt would be coming to help me transport the 4 cats back to the market. 

 The Mangy brothers – neutered and given the Ivermectin jab, which doubles up as a dewormer besides being a mange medication.
 Our vet here totally believes in making  very prominent V-notch.  He wants it prominent enough so that the animal will not be unnecessarily captured again.
 This is Big Blackie, the one with the conjunctivitis.  There’s an eye-drop for him.
This is another already-spayed female.  Luckily our vet saw the incision line.  If the line is still visible, it could mean she had been spayed within the year.  It was a longer-than-usual line too.
I settled the bill and Ah Fatt and I loaded the cats into his car. We headed to the market.  It was 7pm.

 The cats are home!
 A few of them started mewing, indicating they are on familiar territory.
 Their other market friends came to greet them!
It was so touching…
 The market cats are all so friendly.

 We put the (already-spayed) female into a cage first because she had been anaestesized and is not exactly fully awake.  But no operation had been performed on her except for the ear-notching.
 Ah Fatt putting a bowl of water for her.
 We released Big Blackie and he was happy to be home.
The Mangy Brothers belong upstairs.

 This is a recently-dumped female.  Someone had dumped her at the market along with her kittens.  Christopher is looking after them.
 Here’s that friendly kitten saying hello to the brothers. 
“Welcome back, my friends”, it seems to be saying.

No time to lose as it was already getting dark. 
Ah Fatt took the Mangy Brothers upstairs.

 One is out!
There he is…you see him?

 And Brother Two is out as well…
 That’s Brother Two looking down the balcony.  Ah Fatt says the stall owners upstairs feed them, so they ought to be okay.

 Big Blackie was bleeding a little, so I quickly called the vet.  The vet assured me it would stop and there was nothing to be worried about.  Still, we decided to keep Big Blackie confined for a while.  Ah Fatt will monitor his situation and release him later.  So he shared a cage with the previously-spayed female.
Ah Fatt says this ginger cat is (sort of) Big Blackie’s wife.  Previously, before she was spayed, she had fostered many dumped newborn kittens at the market.
She is a very nice and friendly cat.  In fact, almost all the market cats are!
Ah Fatt pointed out to me all the cats that have been spayed by himself and Christopher.  They can recognise each one of them.  But Ah Fatt agreed that ear-notching is very useful. 
By the time we finished, it was past 8pm. 
Tomorrow, we will release the other six. 






One response to “The return of the first batch of the Market CNRM cats”

  1. Devi Narayanan

    Thank you Ah Fatt & Christopher. How thoughtful and responsible of you both to participate in this neutering campaign.

    Years back, I experienced a very bitter incident at Pudu market when I accompanied my mom for marketing.

    A newborn kitten was mewing its little heart out as it had fallen in a drain with stagnant water. Before I could reach out to it, a Chinese fish monger scoop it out and just threw it right into a big rubbish dump full of rubbish and water.

    I know its a bit too much but I could help scolding (fighting with) the idiot and he waved back his chopper to me.

    My mom interferred and dragged me away.

    This happened about 30 years back and I can never forget the incident. Imagine the poor kitten's deadly situation. Its my worst nightmare in my whole life.

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