Dr Lai Chong’s incredible two-legged cat!

I met Dr Lai Chong at Casa’s opening today. He wanted to show me his cat.

This is Dr Lai Chong’s cat. His name is Dana.

Dana was rescued by one of Dr Lai’s vets, with one back leg completely crushed and the other almost completely crushed. His tail was also crushed. Dana was only 2 months old at the time of the rescue.

Dr Lai Chong refused to put Dana down. He did four surgeries on Dana, and finally, Dana was well enough to be on his own. 

Today, Dana is 8 months old, and thriving like any other cat his age.  

Dana can run very fast by just using his two front legs. We saw him run…just like any other cat. He uses that tiny stump (on the back left leg) to balance himself and does not seem to have any problem moving around. He even uses the litter box.

Dana is as “normal” as can be.

Dr Lai said if ever I need to encourage any rescuer not to give up with their injured animals, I can always take them to see Dana. “Never give up”, he said, “as long as they can be treated, just go all the way.”

That’s precisely the kind of vet we want!

(Yes, can Dr Lai be one of our panel vets, please?)

Cuddling Dana.

Dr Lai demonstrates to me how Dana learnt to walk again, by balancing on his two front legs first.

 The right back leg is completely severed. There is just a tiny stump left on the left leg.

We took turns to cuddle Dana. He’s completely adorable, and he functions just like your ordinary four-legged cat.

Never give up with your rescued animals, no matter how bad it may be. 
As long as there is a way, go all out.

I salute Dr Lai Chong, for going all the way with Dana.

Lucky Dana!!

Amazing Dr Lai Chong!






3 responses to “Dr Lai Chong’s incredible two-legged cat!”

  1. she is so adorable! and round (chubby)! hahahaha :DD

  2. Anonymous

    hello Dr. Lai Chong…he is my furkid's vet ๐Ÿ˜› and is a very good vet XD

  3. :)That is amazing ๐Ÿ™‚ Impressive ๐Ÿ™‚

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