The Dog Walk-a-thon event at Bandar Utama today

We had great fun at the event today…

 That’s Mary with one of the participating dogs, all dressed up too!

 We arrived really early, at 7.30am.

 The crowd started coming in at around 8.30am

 Here’s another participating dog.

 More dogs and their human companions…

 Koo came with his wife and Goldie, the Rawang rescued mother-dog.

 Goldie recommending our books to the visitors.

Goldie not too interested in our tshirts, since there is none for her canine kind!

 Amy and Mary saying “hi” to Goldie. Goldie is completely adorable to all humans and she is up for adoption.

Hello there!

 The dogs getting ready for their walk.

 Casa was there as well, to sell pet accessories.

 Thank you everyone, for donating through our tshirts.

 Terry, longtime helper and volunteer.

 This girl is already wearing our tshirt!

 Jessie Yee saying “hi” to a friendly participant.

 This is Sandy Tam, the one who organised the entire event with the help from her coursemates from Asia Works.

 Dr Hawa is the vet guest speaker for the day.

 A Chow Chow listening intently to the vet…

 These poodles are more interested in our books…hmm…

 My turn to speak about our CNRM project and the help we provide to rescuers and feeders.

 This is the Asia Works team.

 Ahh…a little girl interested in our books. At the end of the event, she came to Mary’s car and took a few more books. That’s so encouraging.

 Thank you, everyone!

The event ended at 11am. It was so well-organised.

Our heartfelt thanks go to Sandy Tam and all her friends who had worked so hard to make this event a great success. We thank everyone who had visited our booth, purchased our tshirts, taken our books (to read and pass on!), donated towards our fund and participated in today’s event.  

It was real fun and very inspiring meeting fellow animal-lovers.

Thank you all.






2 responses to “The Dog Walk-a-thon event at Bandar Utama today”

  1. Dear Kah Yein,

    It is our pleasure! The animals are truly blessed that they have your team to care for them when no others are willing too! I do not know how their world would be like without your team's support! I really thank you for the work that you do!


  2. Yen Ling

    I miss this! When is the next one?

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