DonDon, RayRay and Mimi

Here are some pictures I took two days ago when I visited DonDon and friends at the clinic. DonDon was one of the Popsicles dumped at my front gate many weeks ago. Alex, the clinic assistant adopted DonDon and made him the new clinic cat, in place of Dodo (who passed away of kidney failure at the age of 12).

I think you can see from the photographs what a cheeky little thing DonDon is. His mentor is RayRay. 

 Playing peek-a-boo with RayRay.

 He’s been trying very hard to win over Mimi’s heart, and slowly, Mimi is warming up to him. Apparently, Mimi ignored him for the first few weeks. Perhaps Mimi misses her brother, Dodo.

 But our little friend does not give up…

 He seems to be succeeding. Alex says he is trying very hard to be friends.

 RayRay completely took the little guy under his wing on Day One itself.

 He’s as cheeky as any kitten can get.

 Consulting his mentor for instructions.

 Literally climbing all over his mentor.

 Apparently, he follows RayRay everywhere.

Cute little fella!

Alex was very concerned about DonDon’s defecation problem for the past few weeks. But he’s ok now. Apparently, a day after Alex adopted DonDon, someone dumped a very nice-looking Persian kitten outside the clinic and the vet asked Alex if he wanted the Persian instead. Alex said he’ll stick with DonDon. 

Thank you, Alex!






One response to “DonDon, RayRay and Mimi”

  1. Nandhini

    Hey DonDon aka Lilo.. miss you! Really wish I could have kept you. Glad to see you doing great. Will come and visit you soon.
    DonDon was all the time by my side.. was my best friend for 2 weeks when I was home alone.

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