Border Collie mixed, for adoption

ADOPTED within 24 hours!!  

From Soo:

I need help in getting this dog a home. Believed to be a Border Collie mixed, female, young adult. She’s potty trained ( to do business outside the house/ on grass area only), well behaved, suitable for both indoor and outdoor.

I named her Pixie for the moment but she don’t really respond to the name, but will respond to the word COME. She loves chew hides, treats and currently on BARF diet ( she eats what my dog eats). Below is what I posted in my FB Page weeks ago:

“When a dog with collar turns up, sitting outside of my house gate , out of sympathy I let her in for food and water, she came in and refused to leave. Well groomed, well trained, a female Border Collie mixed, probably somebody’s darling, been in my house for the past 3 week. Flyers been put up in and around neighbourhood but nobody claim her.

Now I’m putting her up for adoption. Anyone keen in giving this lady a loving home??

Free Adoption but adopters MUST vaccinate and spay her!”

She had been in my house for nearly a month, few potential adopters contacted me, wanting to adopt but it is either they are not suitable ( some refused to spay her with the reason of being cruelty although being told it is the lesser of two evil, or some just wanted to adopt because they think she is cute but showed indifferent attitude towards her welfare), or changed their mind last minute for WHO KNOWS WHAT REASON.

There is no adoption fee applied to future owner, but they will and they MUST be willing to commit in SPAYING, VACCINATING and other medical needs which arise in the future ( in short, take good care of her). Oh ya, Pixie goes along well with my dog at home, so it shouldn’t be a problem if future adopters have another dog at home. =D

Here’s my contact: 0165677016






3 responses to “Border Collie mixed, for adoption”

  1. Anonymous

    instead of asking future adopter to spay the dog, i suggest having Pixie spayed before she is rehome. if vet fee is a concern, perhaps get subsidy help from animalcare?

  2. Hi anonymous:
    Thank you for the idea. It is indeed a good idea. What I'm doing is, I got a vet to offer Spay, Vaccination, Deworm at a slightly lower price, and future adopters will have to pay that price in full amount before taking the dog home.

    Personally, I think it is rather unfair to ask for funds which can be better use for other animals in need ( ie medical bill) when it is the basic responsibility of a pet owner to make sure they commit into vaccinating, spay, deworm, heart worm prevention, ticks and fleas control and other basic medical attention as per necessary. =)

    Previously I always fork out what ever amount needed to spay and vaccinate the dogs before rehoming. But now I just had enough of people taking advantages on others, it is a matter of attitude. =)

  3. Starlight

    she is lovely. im sure she wont have problem to get adopted soon 🙂 i wish i could adopt her but due to location its impossible =_= good luck pixie/"come".

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