Dogfood fund raising for Meiji’s 128 dogs

I’ve written many times about Meiji, a lady who single-handedly runs a dog sanctuary up on the hills of Raub where there are currently 128 dogs. 

For the last two years, we have helped Meiji with the spay-neuter bills of her dogs and also their medical treatment at our panel vets or at her vets in Ampang or UPM. She drives all the way from Raub to the Klang Valley whenever her dogs are sick, to bring them to the vet.

All her dogs are spayed-neutered, and most importantly…happy and healthy.

Meiji taps rubber to sustain her sanctuary, but with 128 dogs, she needs help. She runs the sanctuary without electricity or piped water, and has been managing this way for the past 14 years or so.  

We have raised funds to purchase dogfood for her on three previous occasions. This morning, Meiji texted me to say she needs help with two dogs who are being treated for tumours (which we will help from our medical fund) and she also needs dogfood supply.

We are thus raising funds to purchase dogfood for Meiji and hope you can help, too.  

I’ll let the photographs speak for themselves now…

 Meiji’s dogs are all either abandoned or picked up from the highway. Some are even owners’ pets.

 Whenever we visit, a whole battalion of dogs will come downhill and accompany the jeep uphill. It is the most welcomed sight that no money in the world can buy!

 You’d be greeted with happy barks all the way.

 Just how well does Meiji look after her dogs?

You don’t have to ask, just look at how healthy, friendly and happy her dogs are – that’ll be your answer. Dogs do not know how to lie or pretend.

 Meiji brings her sick dogs for treatment, to the vets in the Klang Valley. Before she acquired this old jeep, she only had a motorcycle. With that motorcycle, she would carry up to four dogs, all the way from Raub to the Klang Valley for spay-neuter or medical treatment!

 These are two parvo puppies she helped to bring to our panel vet, on behalf of her friend in Teluk Chamang.

 Meiji with WongWong and FaiFai at our panel vet.

At other times, Meiji uses her own vets in Ampang and UPM.
I have known Meiji for more than two years now, and in this time, I know she has never neglected any sick dog nor delayed treatment for them. I have known her for rushing sick dogs down to the vet at any time of the day, as early as 5am, or as late as 11pm.

 If the dogs are not loved, they would never be this friendly to everyone.

Nor so healthy, happy and chubby!
 The dogs love durians, too!

 This was taken during one of our trips there to send dogfood supply.
With 128 happy mouths to feed, Meiji needs at least 900kg of dogfood every month. She earns this money through rubber tapping and there are occasional donations from those who know what she does.

 Feeding time!!

Imagine having to feed 128 hungry mouths…

Meiji takes it in her stride, and some of the more timid dogs are first kept in cages to ensure that they can eat in peace.
Every dog has a name and history, and Meiji knows them all. Ask her the name and history of any of her 128 dogs, and she will have a story to tell you.

 We witnessed how these dogs took Meiji’s shoes away for a game of hide-and-seek-the-shoes!
Personally, I have never such such happy dogs in any shelter or sanctuary. For me, this only means one thing – Meiji dogs are well looked-after and very happy.

She is always hugged by someone…some dog!
 Following the leader and their loved one.

Although I have visited Meiji a few times now, each time I continue to be awed by how happy her dogs are. I am so touched by Meiji’s compassion and all her great efforts at taking care of her dogs.

I have never heard Meiji lament about how difficult it is. She just carries on, day after day, because this is what she wants to do. And she does it so willingly and with so much love. 

Meiji does not ask for help unless she really needs it. For the past one year, she has been taking care of all the medical bills with money earned from rubber tapping. Although I have offered many times, she politely declines it and tells me she has enough. 

But she needs help with dogfood, and this is where we can all help by chipping in. 

Meiji is an 8-preceptor. This means she has renounced many worldly pleasures and has chosen to concentrate on spiritual development. For her, this translates to looking after all these stray dogs who previously wander aimlessly on the highway or have been abandoned by their owners. 

This is compassion in action.

We will be closing the food donation drive on Wednesday, 21st September.

We hope you’ll help by chipping into the fund.

Please help us forward this link to your friends.

Thank you.






6 responses to “Dogfood fund raising for Meiji’s 128 dogs”

  1. hi..i wanna help..but i don't have any money cause im still a student..but..can i share this blog or post it in my blog so everyone can read it ? i mean like..i'll help you guys with the publicity..can I ?

  2. im sorry..i didn't read the last part..okay ! i will foward this link ! 🙂

  3. Hi Monkey Boy, sure. Please forward it. Thank you very much.

  4. Anonymous

    I would like to donate some money. Is it possible for me to transfer money via online?


  5. Alida, please read the post above. It IS donation of money online. There is an account no for you to donate to. Mary is helping to collect the funds and we will use it to purchase dogfood for Meiji.

  6. Anonymous

    mulia sungguh hati awak. saya suka

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