Sheryn, female dog, spayed (Myza Nordin’s)

Myza Nordin brought a rescued female dog for spaying at our panel vet today. The spaying is sponsored from our funds.

From her initial name of Chevy, the dog is now named Sheryn and will be adopted soon.

Sheryn comes with an interesting hypothesis….read on.

From Myza:

This is Chevy @ Sherryn, the name the adopter gave her. I will be fostering her until 3rd Sept as adopter has guests from Germany living with them and having a huge party during the weekends. So, we are afraid that Sherryn will be intimidated with the crowd and noise and will run away. Anyhow, she is such a sweet girl with no behavarioul issues. Hardly bark, eat well, drink well and obedient. She stays in the porch area, as I want her to get use to that idea. No dogs indoor, for her new home.

Anyhow, I will be back from Hari Raya on 31st Aug. Can I send Chevy on the 1st Sep then?

On that note, as much as I am Muslim, i like to share with you on Sheryn’s story. My housemate is a staunch Buddhist who believes in re-incarnation. I am quite well-knowledgeable with Buddhism and Christians due to my social circle.

As I told u Sheryn came to our house, on Monday nite and sleep under my car, until morning.

That night, when my house mate approaches Sheryn she came in a friendly manner wagging her tell, with no hesitation. How often do we see a dog approaching a stranger that way? Anyhow, we were saying, the dog will leave la..maybe she is a stray passing by, and resting.

To our surprise, she was still there  the next  morning at the same spot. When I call her she came out happily from under my car as if she knew me too. In fact, before me calling her, i can see her under the car wagging her tail, as if she is so delighted seeing me.

Anyhow last night, I manage to get home early and me and my housemate was discussing about her. We have never seen Chevy around the neighbourhood. Even the guards conform it. And how, often, a stray puppy came into a neighbourhood  and decide to go under some strangers  car, for hours and refuse to move until morning? Well, she could just choose some other cars, or roam around the neighbourhood right? Its like she wants/choose to be infront of our house and wanting so much to meet us. As if she just fall from the sky, to meet us.

And later, we both agreed about looking into her eyes which tell us stories. Yes, her eyes speak like saying “Remember me” or “i miss u”.

Only then, we remember about June, our opposite neighbour’s  (who has moved-out) dog who had passed away few months back due to suffocation. She entangled herself with her chain, and,  hold her last breath until the family arrived home. The family was devastated of her passsing. Could Sheryn be the re-incarnation of June? The look is quiet similar, and her gesture is also similar. Could it be that she wanted to meet her owner, but found out that the owner has moved out ( in fact, the  house has been purchased by someone else and has been renovated) So June decide to meet us instead, as she remember us  and the rest of my pet dog (8 of them) ? In fact, it took Sheryn only a few hours to make herself comfortable at my house.

When we open the gate, yesterday to see whether she would go off. She instead turn back and sit in teh corner, as if saying hei “I am here to say”. Should we tell the owner of late June about Sheryn? or are we just being too excited? 🙂 What do you think? I have not much experience with dogs, but I can safely say that Sheryn’s behaviour is not common. Oh, and by the way it took her less than 5 min. to get acquanted with my 8 furkids… growling, no rejection, kiss kiss, sniff sniff ! done….

Strange kan? My housemate said, high chance Sheryn is the re-incarnation of June…..:)

Myza Nordin

Hmmm…..shows how right Shakespeare was when he wrote, “Horatio, there are more things in heaven and earth that are dreamt of in your philosophy.”






One response to “Sheryn, female dog, spayed (Myza Nordin’s)”

  1. Connie

    It could be.. & maybe June came back to tell her owner that she forgive them? After all, dogs (& cats too) are most forgiving beings.

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