Shania, Erica’s adopted kitten

From Erica: 

Dear KY,

Hi, I would like to introduce to you my Shania, the kitten that I rescued on the 14 Oct 2011. I’d decided to keep her.
This coming Friday going to bring her to vet for her first vaccination. Her name in Yeddish language means Beautiful.
She is sweet & beautiful indeed. Attached photoes are her & Bluesky.
Have a nice day!


From the streets to a loving home, how lucky and blessed they are!






2 responses to “Shania, Erica’s adopted kitten”

  1. oh my, shania is cute , and bluesky too , they are adorable

  2. Anonymous

    i spot some hands-up and hands-down ^^
    they look so blissful…

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