Blackie, dog for adoption (Pauline Leong’s)

ADOPTED on 2nd Feb 2012!!

From Pauline Leong ( or 012-3067411):

Blackie appeared on the streets, looking very lost and confused. She wandered around for about 2 weeks – in the sun and rain. The vet says that she’s healthy – has good set of teeth and free from disease. Has been dewormed & frontlined. Weighing about 18-19kg (medium-sized). She’s a low-maintenance dog, obedient, loving, quiet. Just needs to go to poo & pee in the morning & evening. She’s learnt to bark at mailman, flyerman, garbageman etc. Looking for a loving home to guard.











One response to “Blackie, dog for adoption (Pauline Leong’s)”

  1. Pauline Leong

    Dear everyone – Blackie has been re-homed!!! She is now in Kota Damansara with a loving family and a huge garden to roll around in :o) thank you everyone!!

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