Bunny catches the “fever”?

Last night, Bunny didn’t look well and his body felt hot to the touch. To make things worse, he went upstairs by himself and slept on our bed.

Oh, oh, that’s not a good sign at all.

I monitored him all night, and he did not feel exceptionally hot, though. I really must buy a small thermometer to take their temperatures.  What I have is too big to be inserted into a cat’s anus.

If you remember, Bunny had not been feeling too well on the morning of the big fight, but the vet didn’t think it was necessary to give him any medicines because his body temperature was normal and even after the fight, his wounds were minimal. It was Cow who was prescribed the medicines and he’s fine now.

I got up at 4.45am this morning to check on Bunny and he was still lying on the exact same spot on the foot of the bed.

Again, his body didn’t feel exceptionally hot.

Cow was in the room with him and I thought I’d go downstairs to feed the rest first.

Soon, Bunny came down too. Oh good, that’s a good sign.  At least he wants to eat. Last night, he had skipped dinner.

Good appetite. Phew, that’s a relief. I’d worry more if he hadn’t eaten.

It was time to feed Cow his medicines. I tried doing it without the carrier and it was impossible. So, in he went.

Carrier vertically propped, plonk the Cow inside. And this time, he already knew exactly what was happening (“You think I’m dumb, you’ve done this umpteen times, OF COURSE I know what is happening”), he bit me and put up a huge fight inside the carrier itself. Sobs…it took four attempts before I finally managed to feed him the two pills. Luckily my tetanus shot is still valid.

After four attempts.

Bunny gets more food for being so good.

Bunny went to the “sick chair”.

Sigh…do we need a trip to the vet’s, Bunny?

I’m already part of the furniture at the clinic, I guess.

Meanwhile, Indy gets stubborn now….read on, folks.





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