A rescuer reminisces his year’s work (Koo’s)

Koo is an animal rescuer, fosterer and caregiver who has responded many times whenever we blogged for help. And he’s not what you would call an old hand or a  “seasoned” rescuer as he only started recently.

Here, he reminisces some of the cases he did in this year, amongst many, many others.

We encourage you to write about your work as a sharing and inspiration to others. Write and send them to me, with photos. I’ll blog it for you!

As 2011 draws to a close, we take this opportunity to thank Koo very much for all he has done for the animals in the Klang Valley and beyond, extending his help to rescuers (even in the middle of the night) and for helping out in all the ways that he can.

From Koo:

Hi Dr Chan,
Just want to update you since you like follow-ups on adoption cases.
As this year comes to an end, I reminisce about the rescue case of Goldie and Winnie the Rawang doggies when Azimah their guardian angel appealed for help

(Reference: http://animalcare.my/2011/05/06/requesting-help-to-catch-some-dogs/ ). This was the first case where I had to learn everything on the go and the most important lesson is that rescuing efforts include the all-important and time-consuming fostering and rehoming. As a newbie then, I would not have been able to continue if not for the support by AnimalCare and MDDB because the first case is always the hardest and scariest to deal with. I was enthusiastic and determined but didn’t have any experience. However, I took full responsibility for them and didn’t want to dump them to anybody else (or worse, a shelter) and wash my hands off them. This is despite having 2 adopted dogs of my own. Fast forward to today, I’m extremely happy to report that Winnie (renamed as Popo) and especially Goldie are doing very well in their new homes and I’m very thankful that their adopters allowed me to keep in touch with them.  Usually adult dogs would not recover from their traumatised past but Goldie has completely transformed physically and psychologically for the better. Thanks to the loving care of Janice her adopter, anyone who meets Goldie today would not believe that she had a very difficult past and was facing a bleak, possibly short future. By coincidence, I was able to visit Popo and Goldie separately and took their pictures on the same day on 26 December 2011. In the attached combination picture (GoldiePopo.jpg), from the top:
1) 9 May 2011: My first glimpse of feral Goldie who took refuge under a container office of a Rawang residents’ association. The local council dog catchers have caught almost all of her 3 litters as the residents repeatedly complained about them.
2) 26 December 2011: Goldie today completely domesticated, thriving and very happy in her Subang forever home.
3) 27 May 2011: Winnie (past foster name) after she was rescued on that night. She was the only survivor of the 3rd litter. I sadly recalled that a nearby food stall owner telling about disposing her dead sibling some time before then although the cause was unknown.
4) 26 December 2011: Popo (current adopted name) now all grown up and doted on by her adopter in OUG.
Another update is on Harriot (reference: http://animalcare.my/2011/09/19/harriot-is-adopted-koos-rescue/ ) now renamed as Haley. When the adopter brought to the vet’s for check-up and I was there by coincidence (this seems to happen a lot with rescues connected to me!), we were shocked when told by the  vet that Haley was pregnant! I can say with confidence that this definitely happened before she was rescued but no one detected while she was under my foster care, not even the attending vet. Anyway, the senior vet counselled the adopter and advocated for abortion because of the possible risk and burden but I kept out of the decision-making because Haley was not under my care anymore but did assure that I can help to put the pups up for adoption.  Whatever decision they made, I would accept. The adopter took Haley home for discussion with her whole family and later, I got the fantastic news that they decided to allow her pregnancy to go on! As a result, four healthy all-male pups were born on 13 October 2011 and when they were old enough, their friends adopted three while the adopters kept one which they named Ralph. Both Haley and Ralph are boarding with me until 4 January 2012 because the whole family went to Switzerland for Christmas. In the attached combination picture (HaleyRalph.jpg), from the top:
1) I visited Haley after her pups were born.
2) Ralph is the pup that they kept and he’s so teddy-bear-like that we’re all very glad that he’s here with us (rather than being aborted with his siblings), all thanks to his adopters.
Thank you and best regards,
And, thank YOU, Koo, for all that you do for the animals and their human companions!







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  1. Pooi Ling

    hahaha….we saw Ralph @ Jaya One during MDDB adoption drive this month…he’s so grumpy but adorable!!!

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