Subsidy for two rescued kittens (Rohayu Yunus’)

This is the request from Rohayu Yunus:

Dear Dr Chan,

Saya adalah staff Ms Ho. Semalam suami saya telah menyelamatkan dua ekor anak kucing berumur 4 minggu di trafik light Wangsa Maju. Saya rasa mereka telah dibuang dalam plastik beg sebab ada beg dekat mereka. Saya dapati salah seekor dari mereka patah kaki dan tangan. Dr boleh tengok gambar. Perutnya juga lebam. Mereka banyak kutu. Saya dapati kucing kelabu tu tiada selera makan.

Saya akan membawa mereka ke klinik. Ms Ho ada memberitahu saya yang mungkin saya boleh dapatkan bantuan kewangan daripada AnimalCare. Saya cuma seorang lab assitant. Jika boleh, saya akan pass resit pada Ms Ho dan dia akan claim utk saya.

Terima kasih.


 The brother and sister.


 The swelling before treatment.

 After treatment.

 The broken leg.

 After treatment, able to stand.

It was my friend, Ho, who recommended Rohayu to seek some assistance from us. Ho explains further:

Rohayu is my assistant. On 15/12/11, on the way home from work, her husband spotted 2 kittens at the traffic light in Wangsa Maju. The kittens must have been flung out of a vehicle in plastic bag as a plastic bag was found near the kittens and one of the kittens is injured. The orange one is a male while the tabby, a  female. The tabby drags her left hind foot when she walks. The underside of her abdomen is blue black. Rohayu told me about the kittens on 16/12. She was thinking of nursing them herself and then take them back to her kampung during the Christmas holiday. Her mum is known to rescue injured, sick and mangy-looking cats and then turn them into beauties with her unconditional love.  I then told her about AnimalCare and its medical subsidy and suggested that she takes the kittens to a vet. I suggested a few vets at Kepong. On 17/12/11, she took them to the vet. Both kittens had fever. The vet told her that the tabby had a fractured leg and maybe a tear in the muscle of her abdomen. The vet prescribed antibiotics and something for the nerves. She told Rohayu to bring the kits back in a week. Since Rohayu is going back to her kampung, her mother will take them to the vet if necessary. Rohayu said that the tabby is now more active, eats a lot and plays a lot. She can even walk although dragging her feet. I think they have passed the critical stage. I will post the receipt to you today and also a donation for AnimalCare. Thank you for helping Rohayu, a first time rescuer. Attached are their photos. I will persuade her to spay/neuter both of them when they are of age. TQ.

We have subsidised RM29 for the bill of RM58 while Ho helped with the other 50%.

Kudos to Rohayu, a first-time rescuer!

Take a look at the kittens and imagine what would have happened to both of them had Rohayu not picked them up? There is so much suffering and hardship out there for the street animals, especially the babies. Let’s do our part in helping them through CNRM. If you are have financial difficulty, we will help you with a subsidy:

Happy New Year, everyone. May the new year bring better tidings for all street animals.







2 responses to “Subsidy for two rescued kittens (Rohayu Yunus’)”

  1. Yusof

    Dear Dr,

    Saya ingin bertanya mengenai kucing saya yang patah kaki. Adakah faktor patah kaki tersebut memberi kesan kepada kesihatan kucing tersebut? Berapakah kos yang dianggarkan jika dirawat di klinik vaterinar?

    1. chankahyein

      Dear Yusof, Saya bukan dr haiwan, jadi saya tidak boleh menasihati Yusof. Sila bawa kucing Yusof ke klinik utk rawatan yg sewajarnya.

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