Urgent: Dog for adoption (Liaw Mei Lin’s)

From Ms Liaw:

My name is Liaw. We have been in contact in regards to some puppies for adoption some time last year. I have kept your email for future references.
I have a stray dog near my apt parking compound. She is all white and with short little tail which is wagging all the time. She is friendly and tamed. I have dewormed and deticked her. She had her first menses 2 weeks ago. She is about 6 months old. I have been feeding her from time to time if possible everyday BUT i have been receiving warnings from management on this gesture and the MPS is coming soon to catch the poor dog which i named her “Snowy”.
I am begging to anyone out there to consider adopting Snowy and let her have the love and warmth of living under a shelter and be part of the family.
Time is running out for Snowy because MPS will be coming anytime now. I have a dog of my own which is already forbidden in  apartment.
Warmest regards,
012 292 5530









6 responses to “Urgent: Dog for adoption (Liaw Mei Lin’s)”

  1. Mandy

    Hopefully someone can get her off the street, since she’s on heat she may get pregnant soon. Can Mei Lin send her for boarding till she comes of heat and is ready for spaying? If MPS catch her, death is envitable given the condition of the pound.

  2. ML Liaw

    Snowy was on heat 3 weeks ago. She attracted 3 male dogs which were fighting for her and making too much nuisance and were chasing after people esp Muslim (dun understand why). This has made the situation worsen. The committee even told me that these people are all pointing fingers at me and may be breakig my car screen.

    I have smuggled her out to the vet for spaying this morning & i cant afford to board her for long enough to find her a home. I m in dire straits now and must find her a home by this week!!!!

    Thank you.

  3. Mandy

    Hi ML Liaw, can u email me Snowy’s pic. I’ll try to share to see if anyone us interested in adopting her. I hope she finds a home soon

  4. Mandy

    Btw, my email address is Mandy.csh@gmail.com

  5. angelina

    She is so beautiful…Do you think Pak Din can foster her for the time being until an adopter can be found? Am afraid that the MPS will take her away :(. I wish i can adopt her but i am over the sea….. I can pay some $ (though not much) for the temporary foster….
    That is, if Pak Din is all right with it….

    1. chankahyein

      Angelina, Please contact Chew directly re your suggestion. His hp is in Pak Din’s post.

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