Subsidy for Terry, rescued dog with gum problem (Jennifer SL Leong’s)

From Jennifer in December 2011:

Terry was spotted in SS3 a few days before I took
him over on 30 September 2011.  A student took him in after witnessing
him being chased away by the neighbourhood people.  The student’s
mother did not allow her to keep and they also have an existing dog.
She posted for help for a few days and no one came to her rescue until
I saw her comment on Facebook that she will release the dog to the
street again.  Immediately, we make contacts and arranged to pick
Terry.  As we were driving straight to the vet, I noticed
that he has a growth on his gum.  The vet advised that should we be able to
locate the owner again, let them do the removal.  Till to date, no one came to claim
Terry despite notices were put up in various vet clinics, petshops or
even on Petfinder.  On 12 December 2011, we brought Terry for his
booster vaccine at the clinic.  The vet checked on Terry’s lump and
the teeth.  Upon much checking, he showed us that his teeth is
heavily covered with tartar and its advisable to remove it because it
will cause heart and kidney problem in the long run.  The total
estimation cost for both the lump removal and tartar clean up will
come up to about RM200 (rescuer’s rate) and that can only be performed
2 weeks from 12 December 2011 because of the booster vaccine.

Dr Chan, thanks for the enclosure of the subsidy form.  I will only
send Terry in for the surgery after getting your approval.




The tartar removal was done on 5th January 2012.

We have subsidised RM100 for the procedure.







One response to “Subsidy for Terry, rescued dog with gum problem (Jennifer SL Leong’s)”

  1. Maneki Neko

    This is a real long-shot, and it’s hard to tell from the photos above, but someone just posted a listing for a lost dog on Petfinder. Could this dog be the same one?

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