Thank you, Malaysian Insider! (Sunsuper Dreams)

We wish express our grateful thanks to Joan Lau, Managing Editor of Malaysian Insider, for doing a features article on us and encouraging their readers to cast their votes for us.

Thank you, KT Tan, for connecting me with Joan Lau.

See this:

Wow…who is the star?

Why, it’s Sunshine!!  She’s now our official mascot for this Contest!

Go, Sunshine, go!!

Please vote, vote, vote!!

Bark, bark, bark!!

Please vote for all my friends on the streets.

Thank you!






3 responses to “Thank you, Malaysian Insider! (Sunsuper Dreams)”

  1. azura

    voted already! All the best for Sweet Sunshine and other fur-friends there.

  2. Darren Ching

    I am so happy to read that sunshine manages to make it through and I wish her have a happy home with a doting owner…may god bless her..

  3. cindy

    I wonder if the Malay couple (sorry I forgot their names) who ‘rescued’ SunShine after she was beaten, and alerted KY knew what is happening with SunShine now? It would be so good to have a photo of them with SunShine, and perhaps featured in other newspaper???

    Personally I think their sense of duty towards an animal and a living thing are priceless. And it would be such an educational piece for so many people especially the area where SunShine was rescued.

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