Sponsorship for Karuna’s medical treatment (Uncle’s)

Ref: http://animalcare.my/2011/12/26/karuna-has-a-new-foster-home/

Karuna was a rescued dog from a temple where the temple caretaker found her terribly wounded after being attacked by a pack of wild dogs. A temple devotee brought her to our (then) panel vet and we got her treated. Karuna is very old (estimated to be at least 12 years old) and upon recovery (not totally, though), she was brought back to the temple grounds. Unfortunately, the pack of wild dogs had easy access to the temple and hounded her again.

I knew leaving her back at the temple was not a solution, so I got my mother to foster her. Soon, Karuna grew stronger by the day until my mother could no longer handle her.

A kind gentleman offered to foster Karuna. He only wants to be known as “Uncle” and we shall respect that. To be fair to Uncle (who is retired and in his eighties), we agreed to sponsor all of Karuna’s medical needs.

Recently, Karuna’s cough became quite bad (she lives with a persistent cough due to old age), so a kind friend brought Karuna for treatment at the hospital.

The bill was RM145.95 and we have sponsored that in full.

Karuna is back with Uncle now and all seems well…for now.

 Karuna is probably either a lost or abandoned pet as she is already spayed.
She is well-behaved and Uncle adores her. Being elderly, Karuna poos and pees around the house, but Uncle understands and accepts that.







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  1. selva

    God Bless the Uncle.

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