Sunshine’s beach-combing trip to Port Dickson (from Lydia)

On 18th November 2011, Sunshine Courage was rescued and found to be paralysed and had no hope of ever being able to use the lower half of her body.

I asked my friend, Lydia, if she could foster and rehabilitate Sunshine and she agreed. With the benefit of youth on her side, coupled with acupuncture, physiotherapy, Chinese medicine, Stemcell treatment, energy healing and lots of tender loving and committed care from Lydia, Sunshine regained the use of her lower half and soon began to walk.

Please do a wordsearch “Sunshine Courage” on this blog and follow the incredible journey of how a once confirmed paralysed dog is now not only walking, but also swimming and running and doing all the things that happy dogs do.

However, one last step remains now, and that is to find Sunshine a forever home. Sunshine is still up for adoption and we would really, really appreciate it if you could help Sunshine find a home. Interested parties, please write to

Until we find Sunshine a home, Sunshine remains as our sponsored animal and we will provide for all her medical needs and a food subsidy every month. This month’s food subsidy is contributed by Linda Lim. Thank you, Linda.

And recently, Lydia took Sunshine and friends for a beach-combing trip to Port Dickson!

Here’s the story from Lydia:

Hi Kah Yein,
we (the dogs, cat and us) had a great weekend away by the sea visiting friends of ours- relaxing and inspiring! We started off on a client and therapist relationship and it has been so rewarding for it to develop into good friends who share the love of animals, nature and life. When I first met this couple, what impressed me was their sense of commitment and responsibility and love towards their paralysed Labrador. The husband took 3 weeks off work to care for their dog when he became paralysed. It is not even often that we hear of someone taking that quality time off care for even a family member.
Our friend J is an ecologist so he shared with us, on our walks down to the beach with our many dogs in tow, lots of info on the Malaysian coastline and the struggles nature is facing. His wife T is also a nature lover and does nature guiding. The weekend was filled with fresh salt air and being surrounded and in tune with simply Nature.
Sunshine came along on this trip and I guess it would be her first sight of the sea! As usual, in her confident ways, she only expressed curiosity and excitement.
There had been a big storm the night before we took the dogs down to the beach so there were lots of stuff washed up on the beach which made for very interesting beach combing for us and the dogs!!
Our friends were so welcoming and insisted that we bring along our dogs and as per our usual practice, we also took our cat Momo along as he is a very special needs cat. Unfortunately I did not take enough photos as the dogs, friend’s kids and activities kept my hands full.
This visit to our friends was also to visit two of my rehomed rescues whom our friends adopted from me. One of them is a tripod whom I named Jungle Boy (JB), who was found severely hurt trapped in an orang asli trap in the jungle with half his body lifted off the ground by the trap.  When he was found, he had already been trapped for a few days as his leg was almost cut through to the bone and was already necrotising. I took JB home after his amputation for rehabilitation.
On one of my day visits to J&T, I brought JB along and J immediately fell in love with JB despite him being a tripod and them never having non-pedigree dogs before. After our visit, J’s wife T asked me if they could adopt JB as J’s birthday present! That was the beginning of a good life for JB and his new family.
Before this, J&T had also adopted a female rescue Hana from me.
Now it gives me great joy to visit them and their kids and dogs who spend much of their time beach combing!!
Have a good week ahead!

We’re going on a holiday!

Are we there yet?

All ready for the beach!!


Enjoying the sea breeze.

Follow the leader!

Happy JB.

JB is a tripod, but he has adjusted very well and is no different from the regular dog and is leading a full life now. We had such a moment of joy watching JB in his element on the beach and doing exactly what his proud Dad, our friend J, told us he could do- dig a hole with his only front leg to make a hole to lie in. Tripods sure don’t miss out on life!! He really is no different from any other happy, healthy and active dog. Watching the confidence that J has given their two dogs, JB and Hana, such that they are able to run free, off leash on their walks really set our spirits free that day.

A refreshing drink, everyone?

Sunshine and friends.

It’s a dog’s life, as they say, but what a heavenly life!






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  1. Heart warming scenes

  2. Amy Kwek

    So happy , I wish I can bring my cat for a holiday one day but I worry the cat will run away.

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