Move over humans, the cats are taking over the world!

Joy shared this:

1) Mayor Stubbs  (Alaska)
2) Tuxedo Stan who ran for Mayor (Canada)
3) Morris who is running for Mayor (Mexico)
cat runs for mayor
4) Tama the Station Master
5) I’m sure you have heard of Oscar … he has a book (you can buy from MPH)
6) Bob the cat is also very famous. He has a book on how he save a man’s life .. the guy is a drug addict and living off the streets. One day he found a sick cat and with all the money he had he went to save the cats life and the cat in turn saved his (I want to buy his book but I think i will cry buckets hahah)

7) Dewey the library cat – you have heard of Dewey?. Couldn’t buy the book – i flip thru at MPH and shed tears …

And a lot more famous cats …

And it isn’t surprising at all because…

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