Kamakura Day 2d: The streets of Kamakura

We decided two temples would be enough for the day, so we visited the quaint little shops in this ancient town.

mini-P4031129 mini-P4031130 mini-P4031131 mini-P4031132

Plastic ninja ornaments!

mini-P4031133 mini-P4031159

This is a tiny little shop that sells all things cat.

mini-P4031160 mini-P4031162 mini-P4031163 mini-P4031164 mini-P4031165 mini-P4031166

Who can resist not buying something to take home from here, right?

Whenever we purchased any souvenir, no matter how small, the shopkeeper will thoughtfully pack the same number of little paper bags so that each gift will have its own paper bag. Then, all the gifts and bags are all put into a larger paper bag. I thought this was really nice – so that we would have a bag with each gift when we give them away. Such little things do matter and makes the shopping experience so much more meaningful.

mini-P4031167 mini-P4031168 mini-P4031169

Savouring freshly made local food.


A touch of old.


In this ancient city of temples, the manhole covers have a lotus in each of them.

mini-P4031172 mini-P4031178

Except for the toilets at the parks, the toilets in all other areas are exceptionally clean. There is even piped-in music in the toilets.


The ladies toilet has this child seat.

mini-P4041207 mini-P4041208

It’s for placing one’s child in, for safety.


Everywhere we go, dogs go for walks on leashes and are so well loved and respected. Strangers would ask for permission to pat another person’s dog.

mini-P4031183 mini-P4031184

This is another temple of the Nichiren sect.

4 6


It’s time to take the train back to Tokyo.


We stopped by this pet supply store.

mini-P4031188 mini-P4031189 mini-P4031191

Wouldn’t the cats love these beds!!


Dog grooming area.

mini-P4031194 mini-P4031196 mini-P4031197

Spring flowers abound!

mini-P4031198 mini-P4031200 mini-P4031201 mini-P4031202

Back in Ueno, the party continues.

This is Sunday night and the Sakura picnic/parties are still on!

mini-P4031203 mini-P4031204 mini-P4031205





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