The staring game (Vincent) and the running game (Pole)

This morning, Vincent played the staring game. He did not eat.

I’ve come to totally accept and embrace the fact that Vincent will have good days and bad days. So, it’s okay. I’m not going to beat myself up or think that I’m not doing my best because I know I am. Some things are just beyond our control.

Will see how the day progresses later on…

Last night, in desperation, I contacted two vets to ask why the 2-week medication is necessary, why can’t we just do the extraction now since it has to be done anyway? I finally got an answer – apparently, we need the medication to bring down the inflammation before the extraction can be done. I guess the inflammation might affect the blood test results as well.

Well ok….so this is our only plan now. We have no other option.

We would have to find some way to pill Pole and coax her to eat. Otherwise, at her slender 2.6kg, how much of it would be left after 2 weeks (if she doesn’t eat)? Pole is not thin, she’s just very slender.

With Vincent, we have the staring game.

Now, comes a new game with Pole.  It’s called the “running game”.

I was rather hopeful this morning when Pole appeared to be cheerful and excited during breakfast. She looked totally normal too.

She got up and “fluttered” around the room…(her normal behaviour)

As usual, Big Brother Cow Mau, shows concern.

I couldn’t take photos of Pole, because she moves around so much.

I tried securing her in the room and getting Cleo out, so that she could have some privacy to try to eat, but Pole wanted to go out to be with everyone else.

Pole is the nervous type where if someone hounds her (waits for her food), she will run off.

Anyway, it did seem like she wanted to eat as she jumped up onto the pantry counter (her usual eating place), so I offered some Cubgrub – no. She ran off. This is the “running game” that I’m talking about.

She ran to the garden, then back into the room and sat on her pink pillow.

Then, I offered some AD – no. And she ran off.

It’s so spot-on what the vet told me. One a cat has a bad experience with a certain smell or taste of food (it would be due to an unsuccessful force-feeding session or even a vomiting episode or anything that’s stressful and unpleasant), she will continue being turned off by that smell for a few days (or longer). That is why we have to be cautious when using food options.

I made the mistake of liquifying the AD last night and trying to syringe it into Pole’s mouth. She jumped sky-high and leapt off.

That’s it – bad, bad AD.  AD is bad…. (from Pole’s perspective)

So, I’ve lost AD as a food option for Pole now.  Oh dear…we only have so many options for Pole as she is even more choosy than Vincent.

She does eat kibble, but that’s out of the question now, with her gingivitis.

After half an hour, Pole went to her eating spot on the pantry counter again.

I know, Pole, I know. You are hungry and you want to eat.

But how to make you eat?

I offered home-cooked (which she sometimes eat), but she didn’t want any of it. My home-cooked food is as balanced as it can be. It is made from chicken meat and has fish oil, lite salt (for potassium), nutritional yeast (for vitamin B), vitamin E powder, taurine powder and bone meal (for calcium). The only thing is, it’s cooked. I started making it for Bunny last time when he had months of vomiting problems.

No, Pole didn’t want home-cooked.

Then, I decided to try Monge (tuna with chicken) although it’s a long shot. Monge has tuna flakes and shredded chicken. You cannot just lick it up. You’ll still have to chew.

It’s a long shot….

SHE ATE!!!!!!!!!!!

She started by licking only the top layer, then she courageously attempted to pick up some flakes with her mouth. Brave girl, Pole.

I KNOW how painful a toothache can be.  I know.  You’re a very brave girl, Pole.

(It is heart-breaking for me to think that Pole has to withstand the pain for 2 weeks before a permanent solution (the extraction) can be done.)

Tra-la-la… Happy Days are Here Again!!

But the happy moment only lasted for 1-2 minutes. She jerked away and started pawing her mouth again.

Poor little Pole.

But at least she did eat something…

She even dared to eat with Indy and Cleo lying in wait.

Because of the pain that interrupted her eating, Pole ran off to the garden to do some major pawing (it was really sad to watch this). Cleo and Indy shared out her un-eaten food. A bonus for them.

Outside, our other cats have been getting LOTS of bonuses from Vincent’s un-eaten food too.

Ginger is going well. The wounds are healing. Pilling him is a heavenly experience!

Next challenge: The pilling of Vincent and Pole…(coming up).





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