Vincent’s lunch with a twist

At about 1.00pm, Vincent came into the kitchen to ask for food. He was all excited when Ginger asked for kibble. The sound of kibble being poured out has always excited Vincent. He used to come running into the kitchen whenever I emptied out a bag of kibble into the container.

The smell of raw meat also used to get him all excited. When I used to cook for the cats, I would come home armed with trays of raw meat. Vincent would jump onto the counter and ask for a piece. He would take a whole piece, even with the bone, jump down and start tearing up the piece and eating it. He would chew on the bone, suck out the marrow and enjoy his food. Those were happy times. Nowadays whenever I process chicken for the cats, I would always recall those happy times.

So when I poured out kibble for Ginger, Vincent came to the kitchen too. He looked so excited. So, I offered him some canned food.

I made sure I poured out enough to stimulate his taste buds.

But he only smelled at it and wanted something else.

Raw liver and chicken fillet? No.

Steamed fish? No. Kibble?? Well, he almost ate it…but no.

But this time, he seemed to want some kibble. Well, at this point in time, it doesn’t matter what he eats, as long as he eats. The vet already said so this morning when she texted – Let him eat whatever he wants, as long as he is happy. I agree.

I even poured kibble out from one container to another with the hope that the sound might excite him and work up his appetite, but that did not work.

I have three brands of kibble – Monge, Cindy and RC Renal. I poured out all three. How about kibble onto some wetfood? He used to like this. He would just need some kibble onto the wetfood, then only he would eat the wetfood (and leave the kibble behind). Well…anything, as long as he eats.

How about Cubgrub? No.

AD? Recovery? He was still waiting for me to get it right. But I’m already running out of options now.

How about fresh raw liver, in a new bowl without the fillet? He licked a bit, but no.

I’m sorry, Vincent. I have exhausted all our options.

Vincent went back to the bathroom. Maybe he wanted to eat in the bathroom?


So I thought of something else. Maybe he just needs a new taste. I’ll go down to the pet store and get whatever I can get my hands on, anything with a different taste.

I asked for the tastiest catfood. My dear friend, Amy, gave me some samples. She’s very empathetic. I bought two cans of Sheba too. Amy even gave me a turkey wet dogfood sample. I thought that would be a good idea – dogfood. Why not? It should taste very different from catfood. We are at a point where I just want to create some happy mealtimes for Vincent.

I have heard that RC is well-known for its palatability. I almost wanted to purchase a bag of BabyCat. I also remember the day when Daffodil stopped eating two years ago. I came to purchase a bag of RC Kitten, but I never got to use it – she passed on the next day.

So I came back, all hopeful, armed with many types of food.

I first poured out the RC Exigent kibble, it’s for FUSSY cats. Sounds just about right. My, my, it was fragrant and Vincent came running out of the bathroom.

He went for it!

Okay…this is good. Eat, Vincent, eat and be happy.

Vincent soon grew tired of the Exigent kibble. Heidi came for it.

Next, I opened the turkey dogfood. What’s there to lose? Amy said it is very tasty. Vincent started eating!!

Good, good…eat, Vincent, eat and be merry!!

I thought I should keep the rest for the next meal, but…we’re talking about moments here, so never mind, let’s open another one. Vincent was also getting tired of the turkey food by now. He wanted something else.

He didn’t like this Hair and Skin flavour.

Then, I opened the Sheba canned food (Chicken with Salmon) and this hit the jackpot!

This afternoon’s first price goes to this!

But he doesn’t eat it all up. Very soon, he wants something else.

I guess we won’t understand how it feels like to have end stage kidney failure. I know having no appetite is one of the symptoms, for animals and humans too. It’s good enough that Vincent is willing to eat and is still interested in food. I just have to provide what he wants.

I still have these, but I think I’ll go down to the pet store to get more afterwards, to tide over Sunday.

I tried this as well, but Vincent didn’t like it. That’s okay.

This has been a bonus round.

So it seems like Vincent needs something new each time. I’ll go check out what other brands I can get.





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