Project-based application for everyone (we welcome your feedback)

We announced our project-based applications a few weeks back and we have decided to apply this to ALL applications for our neutering and vaccination aid.

All applications will be project-based. 

But before rolling it out, we welcome suggestions from our readers and applicants on how we may fine-tune the concept and procedures. If you have suggestions to contribute, please either write to us at or leave a comment in this post, latest by 12noon, 5th April 2019. Thank you.

What is the project-based application and how it works  

It means that when an applicant applies to us, he/she must let us know the number of animals to be neutered/vaccinated, their respective genders and provide photographs of the animals in the colony as proof.

We have already included this in our policy page, in three languages:

When you first write to us, please provide full details of your colony (location, number of animals to be neutered, gender, etc.) and photographs of the animals in the colony, as proof. 
Kali pertama anda mohon, sila berikan maklumat terperinci tentang koloni (lokasi, bilangan haiwan yang perlu dimandulkan, jantina, dsb.) serta gambar haiwan-haiwan ini dalam koloni, sebagai bukti.

Our aid is to help those who practise CNRM, with emphasis on the C=Care and M=Manage (if returned to colony). Of course, with the current council by-laws, Neuter-and-Rehome would be a safer choice for the animals. But when the animals cannot be rehomed, return-to-colony is the next option and in doing so, we would like to see the caregiver continue looking after these animals on a long-term basis, if not for a lifetime.

We are not able to help those who only trap, neuter and release without managing the animals (feeding, monitoring the colony environment, checking their health status, etc) on a very long-term, if not lifetime, basis.

We will also be asking regular applicants for updates on the animals whose neutering and/or vaccination we have provided aid for.

Once the animals in the said colony have all been neutered/vaccinated, the applicant will automatically be “graduated” and expected to continue looking after the colony. If the applicant wishes to do another colony, he/she may write in again, with details and photographs as proof of the new colony as well as updates on the previous colony. However, approval will be at our discretion and dependent on fund availability.

Neutering is important, but so is caring for them after that.

Once launched, the project-based application applies to all applicants.

Thank you.

Small is beautiful.

Keep to “one-street” and manage it well. We cannot change the world for all but we can change the whole world for a few animals by giving them love and care for the rest of their lives.

If that is all we can do, it would be enough.






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