A little kitten rescue (Mickey’s story)

This evening, we rescued a very tiny little kitten at the side of the road in the very busy Jalan Tujuan (the Subang Jaya-USJ main road).  Cars were speeding and zooming nonstop and the little kitten was standing by the road side, probably a little stunned.

To get to him, I had to climb a steep grassy slope from the slip road. When I got to the top, a hedge separated me from him. So I calmly and slowly reached out, praying hard that the kitten will let me catch him. It was either I successfully catch him or he runs away and that would be to that main killer-road.

Luckily, he remained still so I managed to catch him. Carrying him against my chest with one hand, I sat on the slope and slowly inched my way down.

On hindsight, I don’t know how he got to the side of that busy main road. He is such a tiny little thing. There was no way he could have crossed a fairly deep drain from the slip road and climbed up that grassy slope. It is more likely that someone had dumped him there (which would be absolutely heartless).

We drove straight to the pet store and bought kitten milk. He was so tiny, I thought he must be just 2-3 weeks old. His eyes were open and he was quite feisty.

Here we are, safe and sound, at home.

He is a little ginger kitten, so I assume he must be male.

Our Ginger was quite excited to meet a very tiny version of himself!

I made him the kitten milk and he drank it heartily.

It’s been a long time since I last looked after a little kitten…

Here he is, after his milk.

I wonder how long he had been wandering on his own before he landed by the roadside. And I shudder to think how long he had stayed by the roadside…  He felt rather thin too, but not emaciated. It is possible that he hadn’t eaten for a whole day.

He appears to be very brave and super confident. An alpha-male, for sure.

It was only after a few hours that I remembered to check his mouth to see if he has any teeth.

He does! He even has his canines already. My guess is, he could be 4-5 weeks old and should be able to eat canned food.

Yes, he ate two little plates of canned food! I later blended the canned food (shredded chicken) so that it would be more easily digested since I am not sure how old he is.

I weighed him and he is approximately 370 grams, which corresponds to about 4-5 weeks old.

Oh, you are SO adorable.

We’ll call you Mickey.

I’m so thankful that my dear friend has consented to adopt Mickey and give him a loving home.

Mickey will go to his new home tomorrow.






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