Mickey in his forever loving home!

My dear friend sent me photos of Mickey right after Mickey arrived at her house.

I’m very comforted in knowing that Mickey is in very safe hands and in the most loving home I know of.  Thank you so very much!

In rescuing animals, I think the hardest part is to find a good forever home.

Welcome to our family, Mickey. 

Exploring his surroundings.

Mickey will be in a special place in the room so that all his new cat family members can get used to his smell for a few days.

Mickey has a feast of RC kitten kibble while his new cat family looks on.

I am very, very thankful to my dear friend for taking in Mickey. She has a heart of gold and I know for certain that he will be dearly loved.

Tomorrow Mickey will go for a check-up at the vet’s. I hope everything will be fine.

Upon coming back from work, I started cleaning up the cage and noticed that Mickey had defecated in the litter box before he left. The faeces were all well-formed and of a healthy colour. That’s a relief and in a way, a very meaning farewell gift for us.

Less than a day’s bonding, but we will not forget.

Have a very happy life, Mickey!



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