A lesson in self-isolation (by Ginger)

Hi, I’m Ginger.  About a month ago, I contracted cat flu. Apparently, it’s cat flu season now. My human brought me to see the vet twice and I’ve been on two courses of antibiotics now. I was also given anti-histamines, a mucolytic and a broncodilator. My sneezing has stopped but the cough is a little persistent. My human also continued giving me immune boosters like Vetri DMG and Vetri Lysine Plus throughout. 

However, I only cough about twice a day. My lungs are clear, the vet says. Not to worry, I will eventually get well. It is just a matter of riding it out. I’m FIV+ so my recovery is going to take some time. 

Two days ago, my human also started me on RetroMAD1. It is an anti-viral developed by two Malaysian scientists more than 9 years ago and can help me recover faster. 

That’s my backstory (in case you didn’t know)…so that you know why I am now voluntarily isolating myself from Heidi and Tabs.  I believe you humans have a buzz word for it these days: Social distancing?  

I used to eat with Tabs and Heidi in the kitchen, but because I am still at the recovery stage, I voluntarily distance myself. 

No, my human did not “teach” me, much less force me to do it. In fact, she was surprised and kept telling me I could join Tabs and Heidi already, but no….I would rather play it safe. I do not want to infect my friends. 

We cats are considerate people. 

So, I eat out here. 

My human took a video so that you can see that I fulfil your 1-2 metre radius….

How can cats measure distance, you ask? We are cats, that’s how!

And when we finish our meals…

Tabs is here, by her favourite toy.

Heidi’s house is in the kitchen.

And I stay in the patio, definitely far enough. 

And humans, I hear some of you aren’t practising social distancing when you are required to? 


Even we cats do it and we are not even pack animals like you are. Yet, we have consideration for our fellow cats. 







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