Minnie and Smurfy’s meal times

I’m behind time in my stories.  Staying home but there’s so much more to do because of the need to work from home.

This is from two days ago….

Tabs is now on the look out for Minnie.

Minnie came in the afternoon but we didn’t know, so she knocked over the kibble jar. Smart girl, isn’t she?

She came alone and didn’t bring Smurfy with her.

And she definitely WANTS Coco&Joe’s. Kibble just isn’t good enough.

Again, smart girl!

I still mix.

This is her third round. Imagine how hungry she is.

Her neck was thinner than this when she first came.

By night time, Minnie brought Smurfy.

The “problem” here is that Minnie loves Coco&Joe’s so much that she wouldn’t let Smurfy eat any of it. So Smurfy has to settle for kibble and whatever bits of raw that is left. In a way, luckily there’s kibble. If not, Smurfy won’t have anything to eat. Minnie would just gobble up all the Coco&Joe’s.

Mother and daughter/son ate to their hearts’ content.

Inside, I could hear Ginger going crazy.

Not fair!!!

Not fair!!….Ginger says.

Ginger told me to say it’s not fair, but I don’t know why.


And don’t think we don’t know what is going on out there in the porch. WE KNOW!!

Hello…? It is my subcut day today?  





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