Ops Subuh 3 – as it stands now

With all windows locked, Heidi and Ginger at the patio, Tabs in Bunny’s Place, I opened the front door and invited Minnie and Smurfy into the house for breakfast.

But of course they politely declined the offer and stayed right outside the door.

Yes, even little Smurfy declined.

So I just waited….

His love for food soon sent little Smurfy wondering if it might be worth coming in after all. Come right in, little one. There’s nice yummy food here.

And he did. I let him eat. Minnie was smart, she’d rather forgo food. I slowly moved Smurfy’s bowl further in. Each time I did, he would run away, but would still come back.

After Smurfy was inside where I could close the door, I closed it. Ok, one in.

Now, for Minnie.

Thankfully, Minnie did not run away. She just sat near the shoe bench. I inched my way out of the front door without letting Smurfy escape and I took a bowl of food out for her.

She trusts me enough not to run away and I am so thankful for this. As she was eating, I carried her, gently but also quickly and took her with the bowl into the house. The moment I opened the door, Smurfy rushed out, as expected.

Okay, Minnie is in now, but Smurfy is out.

With Minnie in, she was too scared to eat, so she went exploring to find a way out, making a beeline for the window from which escaped in Ops Subuh (the original). I quickly took a bowl of food out to lure Smurfy. By now, Smurfy had already eaten a lot, so I don’t know if he would still be attracted to food.

Luckily, he was. So he ate, and I carried him. But the little gutsy fellow put up a fight and scratched me. Scratches and all, I managed just in the nick of time to bring him in before he struggled free.

Believe me, this a little Hercules. He is VERY strong.

Front door closed. I couldn’t believe it….it’s done. I’ve got them both inside the house now. All windows have been securely locked since 3am.

I tried the pacify and soften the blow by offering food. Smurfy went for it, of course.

But not Minnie. Poor girl.

They both knew this window is the path to freedom, so both explored it trying to find a loophole to get out. They climbed the grille up and down.

Finally, Minnie settled at the window and ate. I’m so thankful she wasn’t as stressed as during Ops Subuh (the original) where she did not even eat a bite. This time, she ate a whole bowl, and even ate seconds. I’m comforted by this.

After realising the window had no hole to escape, Minnie came into the kitchen to try out the windows here.

Oh oh, I forgot to slide shut these two windows and Minnie figured she could slide open the mosquito netting. But this would only lead her into the lion’s den (Bunny’s Place).

So I watched her like a hawk. Tabs came to say hello.

I think Tabs wants to be friends. Tabs is fine, but the Cow Clan – that would be mission impossible.

I gave Minnie some AD with the hope that she would move away from the window so that I can slide close the glass windows. She wasn’t interested in AD.

So I moved my laptop out to the kitchen and I’m here watching her like a hawk.

Finally, the window was closed and locked. Phew…


1  To get them both into the carrier at 8.45am and off to the vet’s. That’s about another 65 minutes more to go. Hopefully this time will allow Minnie to settle down a bit. She is now sitting down at the living room window.

2  Hopefully Minnie is not pregnant and spaying can be done today, if the vet isn’t full.

Please wish me luck.






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