Birdy in her new home!

We reached the meeting place in KL at about 3pm, and Reymont arrived moments later.

The transfer from our carrier into Reymont’s bird cage was done in the car as Reymont wants to be completely careful. I did the transfer and told Birdy she will be going to her new home.

Reymont mentioned that when he played the video I sent this morning in his house, his bird mimicked Birdy’s cry.

Reymont sent these photos!

Reymont put Birdy’s cage next to his bird’s and they looked at each other! They will be friends. Hopefully Birdy can learn “how to be a bird” from his new friend.

Reymont will train Birdy to eat from a feeder (that’s the correct one for her size now). He also fed Birdy upon reaching home and said Birdy ate “a lot”! That’s good to hear. Eating a lot is always good.

Reymont will also buy worms and train Birdy to eat them tomorrow. Hmm…the worm part isn’t exactly something I think I can do….!

Birdy is in good hands, I know.

Thank you very much, Reymont and Joey, for taking good care of Birdy.

Have a great life and learn new things, Birdy!

This is the video I took his morning when Birdy perched on my arm and sang….






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