Cleo is up and about, and eating!

Cleo was already up and about at dawn this morning. The bleeding from the sinuses decreased last night and have now stopped completely.

However, last night was a bit of a problem in the room. My plan was to keep the boys (Cow, Bunny and Indy) in the pantry for the night after the rain so that Cleo would not be disturbed, but it rained continuously and the boys wanted to come in.

I let the boys in, but had to keep them from disturbing Cleo. They were probably just curious or wanted to see what had happened to Cleo. Even Bunny who almost never jumps onto the bed did so.

Indy: Hey Cleo, I had seven teeth removed last time, so don’t worry, you’ll be fine. 

With the boys inside the room, I finally took Cleo (in the carrier) outside the room in our dining area so that she could have a good rest for the night. The boys congregated at the grille out of curiosity. Finally, they went back out to the pantry. So it wasn’t because of the rain that they had wanted to come in, they were curious about Cleo and had just wanted to see her.

By morning, Cleo was already up and about, so we let her back into the room. She went out to the back garden to urinate. I offered food since her last meal was at 7am yesterday, but she did not want any. Cleo was confident and her usual self, not scared or defensive, so that was a good sign.

By 8am, Cleo ate!

Surprisingly, Cleo ate Coco&Joe’s, something she had avoided for the past few days. We think it could be due to its texture or the fine bone and cartilage chips which irritated the inflammation in her mouth. She never had any problems with the food all these years, so we know it is due to the mouth pain. She has been on Cubgrub for the past 2-3 days as the texture is much softer and not as dense.

She ate Cubgrub as well.

As you can see, she still had to eat in different locations. She would eat a bit, stop and go away. Previously, due to the mouth pain, she would jerk violently and run away midway through a meal. This morning, she just stopped and walked away. She is still on the painkiller, so I’m not sure if the jerking has stopped because of the painkiller or has this stopping-midway-in-a-meal developed into a habit. At this point in time, it is far too early to tell if the surgery has successfully solved the mouth pain problem. There is bound to be still pain from the extractions. We would just have to wait and see, over the next few days as the wounds heal.

In any case, it is very good that Cleo can eat this morning. That’s one hurdle crossed. She ate Coco&Joe’s in two locations and Cubgrub in another two locations. Hopefully, this shifting of locations will stop once the mouth pain is gone.

We will take it one step at a time, Cleo.

Patience, be near me still. 

A friend reminded me that what matters most is the quality of life. Sometimes, we may be doing what is  medically correct, but it may not contribute to the quality of life. Cleo’s mouth pain was preventing her from eating, which is a basic need, so we had to do something about it.







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