Ginger’s 3pm update (the FIC)

It is 3pm now.

Ever since waking up from his nap, I have not seen Ginger squatting and straining to urinate. I suppose this is good.

But I also have not seen him urinated yet, or maybe I missed it when I was feeding Bunny and clan. The trouble is, I cannot confine Ginger in the house as he wants free access from the house to the patio and vice versa. He normally likes to urinate in the patio and that is impossible to monitor unless I am watching him like a hawk. It could be anywhere on the grass, the sandpit or the soil.

I hope I can catch him urinating afterwards, but he did step into the extra litter box in the kitchen and step out without doing anything. Didn’t strain and squat, which is good too.

I did not see Ginger drinking water, so I’m giving him Cindy’s baby food mixed with water. It’s tuna since he wasn’t too interested in the chicken earlier on. He also only drank half of it (because it’s diluted, I know – fussy fellow). I know I shouldn’t be giving tuna since it has natural salt (no added salt, already checked with the importer).

Extra water by syringe, which he didn’t quite like too.

You see, Ginger, if only you will not spray urine in the house, you are most welcome to stay inside.

Another nap, which is good.

Ginger’s spraying/marking only started after I rescued Minnie and her boys in March 2020. Before that, he hardly sprayed even though we had always had a multi-cat household with more males than females. Ginger was Minnie’s boys’ mentor, but he sprayed like crazy. Even after the boys were adopted, he continued spraying and it just did not stop.

Ginger was neutered by his feeder (under AnimalCare) before we moved to this neighbourhood, that is, before he was one year old. So his spraying isn’t because he was late in being neutered, it’s because of our multi-cat household when he took Minnie’s boys under his wing. He was great friends with them.

Also, previously, Ginger was a very mild-mannered cat. But since Cow Mau, Bunny and Indy grew older, Ginger became more and more alpha. Ginger has actually won in fights against Mr Zurik, Cow Mau and Indy, causing them injury. Can you imagine Ginger winning in a fight against Mr Zurik, the head of the mob? But he did. So, maybe the spraying is also due to him becoming very alpha.






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