Samantha and Riley

Samantha and Riley have been coming to eat these days. Both were super hungry yesterday.

I notice that Riley usually comes in the weekends. Maybe his owner lets him out on weekends?

I know for sure that Samantha will deliver her babies this month or early next month. If only I had noted the date of the morning I saw her being raped by NottyGinger (I chased NottyG away, but it was too late), then I might even know the exact date she will deliver as a cat’s gestation period is 65 days. It could be 2 days early, though, but it is usually spot on.

Samantha ate 5 bowls of food yesterday. I bought a high-protein kibble for her.

Riley came back for more and more too.

I hope Samantha’s owners will keep her indoors for the delivery. It’s practically raining every single day now.

After Samantha and Riley make their rounds, next would be Creamy (the cream coloured male cat). He is more vocal. He will mew and even come to the window to call me.  He also sleeps in the basket we have placed on our shoe bench and also sleeps atop my car. If only I had the time (when not babysitting and homebound), I will try to catch him to be neutered.





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