Finally, Riley eats all by herself!


Late afternoon, I went up to spend some time with Riley. I was able to put her on my lap and pat her. She nibbled at my arm and rubbed herself on me too.  All good.

She wasn’t scared of me anymore.

Before going out this evening, I left a bowl of Monge canned food for Riley.

When we came back…

More than half of it was eaten!!!!!! I’d say this is even more than 3/4s of the can.

Riley was settled on the mat I had placed in the tunnel. I think maybe the tunnel reminds her of the drain.

Every time we see her coming out of the drain to meet me whenever I come out to the porch. Then later, she migrated to under my car. So maybe she lived in the drain before this.

The tunnel has a “roof” of sorts so perhaps it reminds her of the drain.

Then it rained heavily all of a sudden and Riley was afraid and went behind the TV. The thunderstorm was really bad, but only lasted for a few minutes.

Now, Riley, isn’t being indoors better than sitting in the drain?

Ginger: Actually I like sitting in the drain. Can I just stay in the drain and I’ll only come back to eat? 

That’s Ginger, our Longkang Cat. Ever since we made the security doors, Ginger has not escaped….yet.

Now, the next thing is for Riley to defecate. Maybe she will, tonight? I have placed a litter box and a basin with soil for her. She can choose whichever she likes.






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