Riley urinates (phew!), purely by accident!

So Riley was still hiding behind the toilet bowl upstairs. Sigh…

I went up and force-fed her lunch. Managed to feed about 3/4s of a can, give and take. Still not up to her normal routine of downing 2 cans in one seating. She had a voracious appetite before we kept her indoors (for the purpose of protecting her from the unneutered tomcats outside and to get her neutered in 2 weeks when she is a little bigger in size).

Today is Day 2 of being “captured” and it’s challenging.

As far as eating is concerned, at least I could force-feed her, but as for urinating and defecating, I cannot do much.

I already prepared a basin of soil for her since that’s what she is used to. But she won’t use it.

Seeing how lonely she might be upstairs (but I go up to sit with her every 1-2 hours), we brought her downstairs, just for a change of scenery.

Her safe spot downstairs is under that little bluish grey stool. Maybe she thinks this security door leads to the outdoors and she can zoom out if we open it. Tabs came and they touched noses. Aww….

Wouldn’t you like to be friend with Tabs, Riley?

Then she started mewing and scratching at the door. I suspected that she might want to urinate or something. But I could not let her out to the catio. There are five “monsters” there (Minnie and her boys). They might not bully her, knowing them, but I couldn’t risk it.

So I carried her to the living room and patted her for awhile. Then, decided to take her back upstairs where she felt safe. On the way up, I must have squeezed her a bit (and she also felt bloated), suddenly, urine started leaking out. Then she just let go and I think it must have lasted a few minutes!

She urinated on me and there was a huge pool of urine on the floor.

Poor thing…she was keeping in the urine. But at least it’s out now. What a relief for her and for me too.

Next, the poop has to come out too. But I hear that cats MUST urinate each day (I don’t know how many times, though). My previous senior vet told me that if a cat does not urinate in a day, it’s REALLY bad. So a quick check on the internet says 2-4 times per day. Now, I think Tabs only urinates 2 times a day, and she is fine. Bunny urinates many, many times per day (but he is a kidney patient).

So, anyway, that was a huge gigantic pool of urine. It smelled…like urine (so that’s good). I’ve never seen any cat urinate this much in one “session” so she must have been keeping it in.

I hope Riley’s protest will end soon.

Maybe I’ll palpate and massage her later on, for defecation. I do it for Bunny every once in a while when the need arises.






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