Riley Day 3 (early morning)

Riley finished almost all the kibble (it was a big bowl) and 3 pieces of Primal Freeze-Dried last night!

She also finished the remnants of the canned food (that wasn’t much).

She urinated in the soil! Yay!! I will keep adding cat litter to it.

See, no hands! I don’t have to hold her. She sits on her own.

This morning’s breakfast.

I have to feed everyone before 7am because our part-time cleaner will come today. We will figure out how to let her clean upstairs. Should not be a problem since we did it when Minnie and her Monsters were quarantined in two rooms upstairs too. Now, Riley is only using one room and the attached bathroom.

I’m not sure if Riley thinks her reflection in the mirror is another cat, but I doubt it. She was mewing at it, though. Cats go by smell, not sight. Actually, their vision isn’t very good (my previous senior vet told me). They totally rely on smell.

Mewing to go out. I know, Riley still wants to get back outside.

No, Riley, there are at least 3 unneutered tomcats lurking outside. We think they are all pets. They come from the back road. I think Creamy isn’t feral too. He let me pat him yesterday.






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