Cow Mau to the vet’s

Cow Mau has been having this brown discharge tearing from his eyes for more than 2 weeks now. Normally whenever he has it, I would give him Maximus Ophtal and that would solve the problem every single time.

Well, it did not this time.

So off we went to the vet’s.

But before that, Jayden got really worried seeing Cow Mau in the carrier.

Oh no…again? 

I’ll open this top to let Cow Mau out.

Jayden is trying to open the latch to let Cow Mau out.

So, again, I had to explain to Jayden that Cow Mau is just going for an eye check-up and that I would bring him right back after that.

The vet checked each of his eyes with a strip of filter paper to determine if his eyes are producing enough tears. Cow Mau allowed it and did not put up any resistance at all. Both eyes are producing enough tears. The discharge was checked under the microscope and there is no infection. So it is most likely a cosmetic problem.

Sometimes, it is also due to some ducts being blocked, but to clear those ducts, Cow would have to be sedated and we won’t want to do that at his age. So Cow was just prescribed Nicol eyedrops for 7 days, twice daily. And to take Maximum Ophtal on a long term basis, just like Bunny.

I was hoping I could see Creamy and Gerald but there surgery was not done yet. There was a delay. In fact, the vet would do it right after seeing Cow Mau. So we left for home.

It’s just a cosmetic problem, so it’s nothing serious.







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