Creamy and Gerald (aka NottyG) are at the vet’s now

I’ve renamed NottyG “Gerald”. That was the first “G” name that came to my mind as I was driving them to the vet’s.

I wrapped the carriers with a towel each and tied raffia strings around them to decrease the chances of a break-out while transporting them to the vet’s.

Jayden is trying to free them.

I’ll help you get out, kitties, I’ll help you.

I had to explain to Jayden that I’m just taking the kitties to the vet’s and not endangering them in any way. But Jayden was determined to free them.

The trip to the vet’s was fairly peaceful. Creamy struggled a little bit every now and then. Gerald mewed a bit more. It was peak hour traffic, so it took me 40 minutes to reach.

Luckily I found a parking bay nearby and I got them safely to the vet’s without any incident.

I explained the circumstances of their “capture” to the vet. Since they last ate at 8am, the vet said they can actually be neutered after 3pm. But I asked the vet to check them thoroughly to ensure they are safe to be neutered first. Do blood tests, if need be. Safety first, always. The vet suggested that I board them there for 3 days to ensure full recovery before release. The vet said the cats can also be vaccinated after 3 days. She also suggested that I consent to them being ear-notched even though they are males because an undescended testicle can be mistaken for the absence of the testicle. Better ear-notch to be sure. I agreed.

Creamy and Gerald will be our CNRM-cats!  As for Riley, her neutering is scheduled next week. Whether she will be also a CNRM-cat is totally up to her. The only issue with Riley is she is very small-sized. Well, there are pros and cons to that. She might lose out in fights, but being small also means she can hide more easily. Riley is welcome to stay indoors if she wishes.

Finally, I’ve caught the 2 unneutered males who wanders on our street! I didn’t know I would be able to just carry them into the carriers.

I called the clinic and both have settled down now,

Updates: The vet texted to say both are fit to be neutered so it will be done today. White blood cell count is good for both. Gerald has some superficial wounds so he has been given the long-acting Convenia antibiotic injection (I knew he was a fighter!). The plan is to board them for two days and vaccinate them before bringing them home to be released. Also, my concerns about Creamy being “too thin” were unfounded. The vet says he is actually 4.1kg.






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