New application rule effective 1st January 2023 – ALL neutered animals to be ear-notched (males and females)

Starting 1st January 2023, to apply for our Neutering Aid, all animals (males and females) will have to be ear-notched. The ear-notch (either a V-notch or a flat tip) will enable easy identification of a neutered animal by sight. This will prevent the animal from being caught by any good samaritan and be brought to the vet to be opened up again (an unnecessary health risk and wastage of money, resources and effort).

Previously, we only made it compulsory for female animals because the surgical wound would not be visible after a few months and the absence of the uterus cannot be detected as well. As for males, a vet should be able to check the scrotum for the absence of the testicles. However, there have been cases of undescended testicles which can be mistaken for its absence.

As such, we are making it compulsory of all animals (males and females) to be ear-notched now. This decision is made after consultation with veterinarians and rescuers. It is for the benefit of the animals and their caregivers.

And who knows, if one day our government is willing to spare the ear-notched animals from capture, the ear-notch on both males and females would be a life-saver. If your vet is willing, do request for the V-notch as this is much clearer than the flat tip. We understand that some vets prefer a flat-tip. We accept both for our Neutering Aid.

Thank you for your attention.

Sample photos needed for the application of our Neutering Aid:

Photo credit: Joy Saga & Hope

Many pet parents now understand the importance of the ear-notch and will opt to have their pets ear-notched too despite the fact that their pets stay totally indoors. Pet dogs and cats might escape or get lost and are rescued again, so the ear-notch helps a lot. You definitely do not want your pet to go through another unnecessary operation under general anaesthesia.







2 responses to “New application rule effective 1st January 2023 – ALL neutered animals to be ear-notched (males and females)”

  1. Please advise how to get about neutering stray dogs in Some of the Thai Temples in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. I can get funding of 5k for it.

    1. chankahyein

      Dear Ms Woon,

      The best way is for the feeder (assuming there is someone feeding the dogs) to gain the trust of the dogs and catch them for neutering. If there is a feeder, perhaps they can contact us for more sharing on this.

      Thank you for your kindness.

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