Furby is a boy! (For adoption)

So it’s confirmed by the vet.

Furby is a boy and is long-haired.

Furby was dewormed and deflead today (Revolution spot-on). He has a superficial eye ulcer on the right eye and is prescribed Nicol with Sodago (stemcells) eyedrop for 2 weeks. His intestines is also slightly gassy, he has a superficial tongue ulcer and the ear-prick blood test shows he is healthy except for a slight increase in white blood cells (probably due to the intestinal infection). He is prescribed Metrogyl syrup for 7 days.

The vet thinks Furby has been on the street for some time now. His ears, however, are very clean. The mewing is probably Furby looking for his mum. Poor boy…

As I had estimated, Furby is 6-8 weeks old, based on his teeth. In just a matter of hours, Furby now allows me to carry him. He didn’t put up any resistance at the vet’s too (unlike Riley!).

Furby now has a temporary home with us, but we are putting him up for adoption. If interested, please contact me at chankahyein@gmail.com. Thank you.



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