The revival of the AnimalCare Medical Aid

We are happy to announce the revival of our Medical Aid effective today!

From 2009 when we first started until the end of 2014, we had been providing our medical aid for rescued animals. However, we encountered significant dishonesty cases, so we had to close it at that time.

But now we are reviving the aid, with some adjustments.

The new Medical Aid now is only applicable concurrent with our Neutering Aid. 

This means that if a medical issue is identified during the rescue of an animal for neutering or during the neutering procedure and needs to be treated, you may also apply for this Medical Aid. So it has to be done concurrently with neutering.

For example, if an animal is rescued for neutering but also has a damaged eye that needs to be enucleated, our Medical Aid is available for the eye surgery provided the animal is also neutered. Or, if a dog is rescued for neutering but also has TVT, our Medical Aid is available for the TVT treatment and the dog must also be neutered.

Each submission for the Medical Aid form must be accompanied with the Neutering Aid form for the same animal.

Kindly note that this is an aid and not a full reimbursement for the entire cost of the treatment. The amount of aid provided is also dependent on fund availability.

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