Steamed tilapia for Bunny

Bunny has been very, very choosy with food lately.

He would go crazy over a certain food, only for a few meals. Then he gets fed-up with it and wants something new.

Yesterday, I tried steamed tilapia and he loved it!

But it won’t be for long…

Surprisingly, though, nobody else liked it. Only Bunny. Cow wouldn’t even go near his normal raw food when I placed one tiny piece of steamed tilapia on it. He would only eat after I removed that piece from his bowl. But then, Cow is known for such behaviour. He is extremely cautious with his food. Indy ate his baby food around the piece of tilapia, leaving it untouched. I’m still giving Indy baby food every morning and so far, it’s working well. Cleo also did not touch the tilapia. But Bunny loved it!

As for the Monsters, nobody liked it except Ginger!

Rey was very attracted to the scent, but after sniffing at it, he decided he would be take the risk.

Cats are just super cautious when it comes to food, which is good.






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