A novel protein for Indy – Monge’s Monoprotein Duck

Among all our cats now, Indy is the one in dire need of at least one novel protein. He’s the one having the soft stool issue and since being on Metronidazole, it’s only got worse. So the vet agreed that we should stop the Metronidazole and go on the Promax (a probiotic).

The vet also said to give him a new protein.

Yes, I’ve been trying him on new proteins but the problem with our dear friend is that he refuses to eat it.

We’ve got Cubgrub’s pure raw Rabbit and Duck which he refused to eat. Cow Mau and Cleo ate the Duck. We also have Monge’s Monoprotein 100% Rabbit (which is cooked) and he isn’t too keen on that either, but will entertain me by eating a few licks.

I’ve also ordered Back2Nature’s Tuna with Mussel and Tuna with Quail Egg apart of from the Mackerel and Sardine flavours, just to widen the menu for him. But he’s not too keen either. He just wants his baby food which is Chicken and Tuna.

So I bought Monge’s Monoprotein Duck Pouch to try.

He ate some! But he is also not too keen.

Guess Indy just isn’t adventurous with food. He is adventurous with other things!

Cow Mau and Cleo did not quite like this duck food. But that is okay, because the two of them already eat Cubgrub’s  raw Duck as their novel protein.

The clan that gets the biggest range of proteins, novel or otherwise is the Monsters. They sapu habis everything and anything! Gerald and Creamy are also not so choosy, so they also get lots of different proteins.

Variety is the spice of life, they say. Actually, variety could be a life-saver too.






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