Red alert on all three

The weight gain in the last 12 hours has not been good. I’m worried about worms. They are only 8 days old and a quick search on the internet says the earliest kittens can be dewormed is at 2 weeks.

I remember Peanut, Butter and Jelly (orphaned kittens) had diarrhoea and were dewormed. Only Peanut and Butter made it and were finally rehomed. Jelly did not. The diarrhoea was really bad and I tried everything I could.

I also remember that with orphaned kittens, after deworming, you’d see a lot (and I mean, REALLY a lot) of worms being passed out.

But not so with Minnie’s kittens. They were all okay. Maybe it’s because Minnie was confined throughout almost her entire pregnancy so she had good nutrition all the way. Minnie was confined because she was jaundiced when she came to ask for help. So she needed treatment.

But Samantha also came to our porch to eat every day throughout her pregnancy. But she was free to roam because she could not be caught at that time.

So now, back to the kittens, here’s their weight gain for the last 12 hours, or the lack of it. I am worried and I have texted two vets for advice. Waiting to hear back from them.

Date Time Kai Akira Indra
11-Feb 6.00pm 118 115 104
12-Feb 6.30am 125 123 114
12-Feb 5.30pm 133 131 123
13-Feb 5.30am 143 137 128
13-Feb 6.00pm 149 146 133
14-Feb 5.00am 160 149 145
14-Feb 5.30pm 166 160 158
15-Feb 6.30am 177 167 167
15-Feb 6.00pm 179 174 174
16-Feb 6.00am 191 187 184
16-Feb 6.00pm 203 193 196
17-Feb 7.00am 211 200 202
17-Feb 6.30pm 213 216 210
18-Feb 6.00am 215 216 213

Akira has not gained weight at all. But granted, the kittens are all active so they do not stay still on the weighing scale, making it difficult to measure their weight accurately. I have to weigh them a few times, and to play it safe, I will take the lowest reading. Don’t want to give myself false hopes here.

Looking at the above, based on 24 hours running, Kai definitely need supplementation. In fact, all of them do.

More and more, we get a clearer picture of what could have happened with Samantha’s previous litter where she no longer fed them after 3 weeks. Poor things. But that was beyond our control. Samantha could not be caught at the time. I also thought she belonged to RYABK (Rumah Yang Ada Banyak Kucing) down the road. I didn’t know where the kittens were. We did not hear the sound of any mewing too. I thought she had given birth in RYABK or somewhere else.

I’m waiting for the vets’ advice for Kai, Akira and Indra.

This is little Indra.






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