The Princesses and Riley

When Samantha comes back from spaying, she would have to be isolated from her kittens. My plan is to put Samantha in Riley’s room (which is currently Misty’s room but as soon as Misty is released tomorrow, I will sanitise the room).

But who will keep the kittens company when they are separated from Samantha?

Who else but the most sociable and friendly cat we have now?

Riley, of course!! She is perfect for the job.

Riley not only takes care of them, but she plays with them as well.

Riley can shuttle between both rooms, actually. She’d be so happy to have a duty to do.

I absolutely could not find the kittens this evening. So I asked Riley where they were.

Riley did this.

True enough…

All three were hiding behind the headboard!!

(Misty does that too!)





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